PED Project

By Shealyn Hearty 7SC

Lance Armstrong

My athlete is Lance Armstrong. The Performance Enhancing Drug's that he took are. EPO (Erythropoiction). EPO is a drug which is a naturally-occurring hormone. Which then produces by the kidney, it increases the production of more red blood cells occurring. Another PED is testosterone. testosterone is a sex hormone which produces in men's testicles. Another one is cortisone. Cortisone is a PED steroid that prevents the release of substances in the body that causes inflammation. Lance Armstrong also used transfusions.

when every one found out about his doping problem, was after he had won the Tour du France. Which after the Tour du France found out then he had lost his medal.

Oprah and Lance Armstrong The Worldwide Exclusive Part 1

PED's that athletes used and nicknames

1) TGH- The clear

2) human growth hormone- HGH

3) anabolic steroid- Juice

4) testosterone supplements-

5) winstrol- winne.v

6) deca durabolin- deca

7) trenbolone- tren

8) acetate-

9) primobolan-boli

10) anavar-

11) masteron-

12) testosterone prepionateand

13) sustanon 250

14) stanzolol

15) human chorionic gonadotropin

16 clomid

17) steroids


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