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Welcome to the Feb. 12, 2021, edition of Southeastern Scene.

Dear Southeastern Families:

We want to continue to help support your awareness of the internet regarding children’s use of social media. Below we have provided a list of tips that we found from DJ Thistle. It provides a good overview for parents about strategies to help their children use social media appropriately. We hope you will find it helpful. Enjoy the long weekend!

1. Teach your child about respect; respecting themselves and respecting others. If you stop them from being on Twitter or Facebook they’ll just move to WhatsApp or Instagram or SnapChat or Google+ or … you get the point. Give them the skills to make good decisions first and foremost.

2. Don’t use social media to humiliate your child. It may be a temporary fix to get your child to stop making poor decisions but the potential long term ramifications definitely outweigh the short term.

3. Teach your child that whatever they put online is permanent (this includes texting!) Private is not always private. The photo they post online is not owned by them anymore. It’s owned by Facebook, Instagram, and Google, etc… and they can do what they want with it (so can that bully who happens to be a friend of a friend on Facebook which gives them access to certain photos your child posts).

4. Some day, your kids may apply to a university or college, or submit a resume for their dream job and I can assure you they will most likely be researched online. Ask yourself, what will their impression of my child be when they are done? Therefore, teach them to also share their accomplishments like academic awards, sports awards, volunteering, community events, school club activities etc. online when they are involved in them.

5. Lead by example. Practice what you preach if you want them to navigate their digital life safely.

6. Explain to your child that communicating verbally is completely different than communicating online. If you happen to say something verbally that you later regret you can fix this over time. If you happen to post something online that you later regret, that content may never disappear and you may never be able to fix it.

7. Be present and aware of what your children are doing online. Don’t give your tween a laptop/iPad/iPod and let them go to their room for the night if you don’t plan on keeping an eye on them. Know what apps they have. Know their password to these devices. You have to find a balance between trusting your child and parenting. If you don’t give them some space they’ll never learn to make good decisions (even if that means making a mistake here and there) and if you’re completely oblivious to their online activities you’re making it far too easy for them to potentially make an unrepairable mistake.

8. Teach your child not to interact/follow people they don’t know in person (exceptions: sports stars, celebrities, etc. who are positive role models).

9. Review the privacy settings of each app with your child. You’ll probably want to make sure that they’re not sharing their current location. For more information on privacy settings, visit the White Hatter on Facebook to learn how to adjust privacy and location settings.

10. Make sure your child knows to come to you with a problem right when it occurs, so you can help fix it. Things can get out of hand quickly online, as pictures, texts and posts can go viral within hours! Whether something is happening on their accounts, or on a friends’ account they need to know to report it to you. Let them know coming to you is their only option and that you will always listen.

11. Trust while online only goes as far as they trust their friends! Teach your child to never share passwords with friends. Along the same line, encourage your child to never share private information, speak ill of another person or share inappropriate photos online. Once information has been shared with others, it can never be taken back.

Yours in education,

Mrs. Chastain, Mrs. Monkul and Mrs. Smith

Counselor's Corner

Body Safety Presentations

Each school year, all students in grades K-12 must receive education on child abuse prevention per Indiana code 20-19-3-11. As a community, we must think of childhood sexual abuse as a preventable disease. Collaboration between educators, parents and guardians, child advocates, the medical community, law enforcement and our communities-at-large can proactively protect our children before abuse ever happens. The Indiana Center for the Prevention of Youth Abuse and Suicide (ICPYAS, formerly Chaucie’s Place) will be providing virtual presentations for our students, the week of March 15th. The ICPYAS body safety curriculum, Child Lures/Teen Lures Prevention, Think First &Stay Safe, will be presented to our students, providing relevant, balanced and proven prevention strategies to families and children, increases awareness and knowledge of how to recognize, interrupt, stop and prevent these crimes.

There are online resources for you to view. A parent video can be found at and then selecting the “Our Programs” tab at the top right hand of the page. Parent Guides will be distributed to students the week of the presentation. These will be a great resource for facilitating conversations at home. You can also call the ICPYAS office at 317-759-8008 with any specific programming questions not answered in the online parent resources. If you would like to opt your child out of this presentation, please stop by the SES office to fill out the opt out form.


This week our teachers continued with our social/emotional learning lessons with the Second Step curriculum. You can access these lessons below:

Kindergarten - Second Step - Lesson 13 - Managing Frustration

First Grade - Second Step - Lesson 15 - Self Talk for Calming Down

Second Grade - Second Step - Lesson 14 - Managing Anxious Feelings

Third Grade - Second Step - Lesson 14 - Managing Disappointment

Fourth Grade - Second Step - Lesson 14 - Avoiding Jumping to Conclusions

Since next week is a short week, there will not be an SEL lesson. The next Home Link will be sent home the week of February 22nd.

Virtual Lunch with Jen Smith

Our school counselor, Jen Smith, will be holding a virtual lunch time once a week for our virtual students. Please see the day and time that has been assigned to your student's grade level below. This is not enrichment or a lesson, just an opportunity for our virtual students to "socialize" with their grade level peers. They will be able to use the same Zoom link (below) each week. Some days and times have changed.

Please access zoom link here.

4th Grade - Mondays - 11:00

3rd Grade - Tuesdays - 1:30

2nd Grade - Wednesdays - 1:00

1st Grade - Thursdays - 12:15

KDG - Fridays - 11:45

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, February 12th, eLearning Friday. No in-person instruction.
  • Monday, February 15th, President's Day, no school.
  • Tuesday, February 16th, Flex Day. No school unless needed to make up cancellation.
  • Friday, February 19th, eLearning Friday. No in-person instruction.
  • Thursday, February 25th, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, PTO Dine to Donate at Ohana Donuts and Ice Cream (please see additional information below).
  • Friday, February 26th, eLearning Friday. No in-person instruction.
  • Thursday, March 4th, Explorer Day. Wear your school colors.
  • Friday, March 5th, eLearning Friday. No in-person instruction.
  • Thursday, March 11th, 6:30 p.m., PTO meeting.
  • Friday, March 12th, eLearning Friday. No in-person instruction.
  • Monday, March 15th, and Tuesday, March 16th, Body Safety presentations.
  • Friday, March 19th, Flex Day, no school unless needed to make up cancellation days.
  • Thursday, April 1st, Explorer Day. Wear your school colors.
  • Friday, April 2nd, through Friday, April 9th, spring break, no school.
  • Thursday, April 15, 6:30 p.m., PTO meeting.
  • Friday, April 16th, eLearning Friday. No in-person instruction.
  • Thursday, May 6th, Explorer Day. Wear your school colors.
  • Wednesday, May 26th, second semester ends. Last day for students

Virtual Opportunities

Principal Danielle Chastain is hosting a virtual read aloud at 1:30 on Tuesdays for all of our virtual-only Explorers.

Topic: Read Aloud & Book Chat

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking this link.

Librarian Jen Robinson is hosting a read aloud at 1:45 on Wednesdays for virtual-only students.

Join Zoom meeting by clicking this link.

Mask Requirements On Busses

We are seeing more and more elementary students trying to load the bus without a face mask. It is required that ALL students must have on a face mask prior to boarding a bus. Parents, please make sure that your students have a mask on, and an extra in his/her backpack, prior to leaving the house each day. Thank you.

PTO Dine To Donate

Join us Thursday, February 25th, from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Ohana for a dine to donate to support the Southeastern Elementary PTO. Grab your donuts Thursday night for a sweet start to e-learning the next day.

  • 15% of all sales between 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. will be donated to the PTO.
  • If you are unable to come between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m., you can still order online during that time period and your order will be added to the donation.
  • Order online at You can schedule to pickup at a different time, or later date, but order must be placed between the hours of 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. for it to count.
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Nurses Notes

Students are asked to stay home from school if any symptoms of illness are present. Please see below for at-home screening steps:
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Cafeteria News

For the remainder of the year all breakfast and lunch Meal Deals will be Free.

Due to the later start time, elementary schools will not be serving breakfast.

For the lunch Meal Deal, students must pick a fruit and a vegetable, an entree, and 1 milk is included but optional.

Next week is week 2 on the menu.

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Operations Plan

Please click this link for answers to your questions regarding operations, schedules, mitigation, facility modifications and transportation.

Please see information below from the Fishers Health Department regarding steps to take following potential exposure.

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Creative Learning

Lost and Found

Parents, please check picture below for any lost and found items that might belong to your family. Please put first and last names in coats, hats, gloves, masks and water bottles. Due to COVID all items will be donated at the end of the month.
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PTO News

Please check the latest PTO news by clicking this link.

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Community Insider

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Anyone wanting to spend time in the school or chaperone a field trip must have a SafeVisitor ID badge. If you have not yet completed the background check, please click below to get started.

Safe Visitor

Please access the safe visitor approval process here.

HSE Report It!

HSE Report It! is a school safety mobile reporting app that allows students, staff and community members to provide anonymous information about concerns for their own safety or the safety of others. HSE Report it!, can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple App Store. It’s anonymous and reports are made exclusively through the mobile app. HSE Report it! has no length limitations. Reporters can attach photos, screenshots, videos, documents and/or audio recordings to their concerns and they can engage in a two-way dialogue with a real person.
HSE Report It

Please access HSE Report It information here.

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