LISD - Secondary RtI Newsletter

Volume 1 2016-17

Learning More about RtI

Online training will be open in September! Teachers and other staff can complete the training for a full day November Trade Credit if the training is completed outside of school hours. Included in these trainings will be the revised FOGS for the 2016-17 school year. The FOGS will be the main documents for Secondary RtI, and once the transition is complete, all campuses (elementary and secondary) will be using similar documents. Please have your staff use this link to register:

Scheduling for RtI

As you are planning for this year, take a look at these scheduling suggestions from UT Austin for building RtI into your current schedule:

Goals for 2016-17

The RtI District Committee will be meeting again this year to review RtI district goals.

Goals from 2015-16:

1. Create a secondary RtI guide to support standards in the classroom (reading and math).

2. Create alignment documents and flowcharts to streamline the RtI process at all grade levels.

3. Introduce the FOGS to secondary staff.

4. Create Pre-K documents and processes to align to elementary and secondary RtI documents and processes.

5. Create a team to begin development of a K-5 math RtI guide to support standards in the classroom.

Some of these goals will continue to be a priority for the 2016-17 school year, and these goals are already identified as being priorities: assessments and universal screeners, secondary behavior, elementary math, and writing.

RtI Parent Guide and RtI Manual for Administrators

We are very excited to announce that we have created an RtI booklet for parents, and we are working on an RtI Manual! Both items will be available as final copies later in the fall. Hopefully both resources will make important information easily accessible. A draft of the parent booklet and manual can be found below:

Viewing Your RtI FOG Data

Prior to beginning the RtI process this year, you should view and print the FOG student status report for your campus. How to get there:

1. Login to Aware

2. Click on the Forms Tab

3. Click on Reports

4. Click on the Student Status Report

5. Choose ONE: RtI: Tier 1 Secondary FOG Initial Student of Concern 2 2015-16

RtI: Tier 2 Secondary FOG (Pilot)2 2015-16

RtI: Tier 3 Secondary FOG (Pilot)2 2015-16

6. Choose the School and Grade Level (Incoming 6th grade and 9th grade WILL show up in the new school's information)

7. Click "Exclude Archived"

8. Choose your format (Excel or PDF)

A suggested use for the status report is to view patterns: How long does a student stay on one tier? Are there multiple FOGS for one student? Who is entering the FOG information on your campus? What students need to prioritized from last year? Analyzing the patterns will help your campus identify where clarification might be needed, or where praise for great work can be given.

You Asked, We Listened

Over the course of the year we have received wonderful and constructive feedback about the FOGS and RtI process. Here are some changes that you will see for 2016-17:

--One page for each tier meeting, with up to four SMART goals per page

--other content areas are included in the areas of concern

--Tier 1 FOG is shorter

--SMART goals are in Tier 2 and 3, but the most of the goal is clickable (frequency of intervention, group size, minutes per intervention session). Teacher and/or RtI committee needs to focus on the standard and the level of proficiency expected after intervention occurs

--larger text boxes for data entry

A short powerpoint is linked below, which can be shared with your campuses. It explains the changes in detail.

The Starfish

As the school year begins, I am reminded of a well-known story called The Starfish, which can be found below. In RtI, we are sometimes the only support that a student receives to be successful.

There are days that seem like we are not making a difference, that there are too many to help, that there are not enough resources...countless reasons to feel frustrated.

One student at a time...that's all it takes.

I look forward to supporting your campuses this year!

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