How to be a Mind Reader

Easy to do

What materials do you need?

Just bring a deck of card. Any deck of card. It doesn't matter it made by plastic, paper, or something. You can even borrow audience's card and perform this.

Before do this trick

Show the all different cards, make audience shuffle the cards so audience know there is no trick in your deck
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Pick the card

Make audience pick one card. it doesn't matter what card he pick, but make sure you don't see his card. Let's think he picked 4 of club
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Here is the trick called "Key Card."

During he check his card you have to check bottom card. It's 3 of heart this time. From now the 3 of heart is "Key card."
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Put audience card on the top.

And cut the deck, and combine them again.

Then audience card and your "key card" should be together.

So spread whole deck of card and find your "Key Card"
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Right next by Key Card is audience's card.

4 of club is right next by 3 of heart.
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Act like you're reading his mind..... and find his card

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That's it

It's very easy, even my brother can do this trick.