Do You Need Help Remembering?!

Grab A flyer!

Why do we forget Information in the first place?

Sometimes our memory just kind of decays and we are not able to remember things. we can also block memories on purpose, this is called repression. If it isn't any of those then it could be interference. This one is pretty self explanatory, something interferes with remembering a memory.

Some of the Best Ways to Remember!

Elaborative Rehersal: "Connecting new information to memories already encoded and stored." next time you are studying for a bio test instead of just memorizing the material, read it and connect it, actually understand why something does something, instead of remembering that is does that something.

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE: You should always practice testing the knowledge you have, that way it stays fresh in your head.

Mnemonic Devices: When studying for something that that you can associate new info. with old info. then you should use a mnemonic device. (ex. When you can not spell a word properly then you can come up with with a saying for each letter to help you remember.

Do not cram in Studying!: This can make you not only tired but you will not retain as much information if you try to cram it in at once.

Pay Attention!: Paying attention in class always helps too!