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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Teach Like a PIRATE Party - BYOD!

Are You Ready to Teach Like a PIRATE?

Here is a Flipped Lesson I would like you to try.

  1. Explore my Favorite Dave Burgess links
  2. Watch the Dave Burgess Teach Like a PIRATE GPS Challenge Video
  3. Click on the -> Sign in to Google Button below to open the Shared Google Doc
  4. Add 5 words describing how you feel during our Bailly Apps Cafe Meetings
  5. Create a Word Cloud using the ABCya Word Cloud App on your iPad
  6. Thank-You :)

See you Wednesday for a Pirate Party! Sharon

Watch The Dave Burgess Teach Like a PIRATE! 5 Word GPS Challenge

#summerLS Dave Burgess Teach Like a PIRATE Challenge

Dave Burgess Contact Info

Follow Dave Burgess on Twitter @burgessdave or #tlap

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