Solar Energy

Energy from the sun

How solar energy works

Solar energy is an energy from he sun. It is made by a ray of sunlight hitting the solar panel and the solar cells that are inside the panel. The panels from your house are attached to he nearest power plant and that gives the whole neighbourhood solar energy.

Pro and cons

Solar energy have many pros and cons. Some pros are solar panels give off no pollution and solar energy is stored during the day and used during the night. Solar energy has some con to like it can't generate power at night. The major con of solar energy is the cost of the instalment.

Where solar energy is used

Solar energy is used in many different places and for many different things. Like heating pools, cooking and giving your house electricity. You can only get solar energy if you have solar panels on you roof or on your neighbours roof.

Solar panels

Solar panels are used to collect energy the sun shines light on the panels and the cells collect the suns light. The sun light passes through the panels it comes out the panel the electricity goes in a battery in the side of the house and that the energy is stored for a rainy,cloudy and stormy.

Solar power history

People started using solar energy over 2700 years ago in 700bc. The first attempt of solar panels was a glass box that produced heat. In ancient Egypt people believed that the sun was a god that flew over head every day.

Fun Facts

Did you know that space crafts and space stations such as the ISS often use solar energy to generate power. The largest power plant is in Mojave desert.