Porn Addiction

Addiction to Porn.Couples Torn.No future ahead.Alone in bed

Signs of the Addiction

-Your partner becomes more withdrawn (avoid social activities, spends unusual time online etc.)

-Emotionally absent from relationship

-Spends excessive amount of time online

-More critical of your body and/or appearance

Addiction...Risk Factors

-Become hooked on online porn

-Lack social support

-Less mobile/socially active

Causes of Addiction

-Visual Stimulation

-Need to Relax, Feel Pleasure, and Escape

-Addictive Aspects of Porn

How is the addiction diagnosed?

-Diagnostic criteria does not exist for pornography addiction yet falls in the category of pathological gambling because of the substance abuse ad dependency.


-Cognitive-behavioral therapy (successful with "internet addicts")

-No clinical trials have been performed to assess the effectiveness

Three interesting facts about Porn Addiction!

1. About 200,000 Americans are "porn addicts," spending 11 hours or more per week online looking at porn.

2. 17% of women say they struggle with pornography addiction.

3. 40% of "sex addicts" lose their spouses, 58% suffer considerable financial losses, One-third lose their jobs.

Agencies that provide services for substance users to get help

- Center for Integrated Behavioral Health (Bethlehem Pa)