September 9, 2021


Our very own mayor of Meadow, Natalie Howard, visited with our fifth grade students about the duties and responsibilities of the mayor.

Thank you very much for visiting with our students! They enjoyed talking and learning from you as they are preparing to run for the mayor of Burleson Elementary!

We value student leadership opportunities and learning from great leaders in our community!

Natalie, we appreciate your dedication to our community and school district.

We are always focused on building leadership skills for our students. We have some exciting opportunities coming up. We will hold our mayor election and from there offer applications to students who want to apply for the student leadership team. The student leadership team works with the mayor, the student leadership teacher team, and Dr. Coffman to enhance the school in any way the students feel necessary. We are always looking for opportunities to grow and make Burleson Elementary even better! Fifth-grade students may also apply to work at Broncoville, our AR stores. The students will complete an application and go through an interview process with local community members. All students build leadership skills within their classrooms through classroom jobs and responsibilities. We are building future leaders of tomorrow here at Burleson Elementary!


My phenomenal Pre-K students had a great week!

  • Please check folders and send back daily.
  • Focusing on letter Xx this week and number 4.
  • Remember to send a water bottle/cup every day.
  • Books will need to be returned on Tuesday.
  • Don’t forget to write down the number of words read on Reading log.
  • Friday Theme: Rock-N-Roll

    Thank you, parents, for all your support!

    Mrs. A 😊


Just a few reminders for this week:

  • The next sight word test will be next Friday, September 17th. Be sure to study, study, study!
  • Please be sure to check ClassDojo frequently for pictures and important messages.
  • Be sure to read for at least 20 minutes each night AND document it on the monthly reading log. This is vital to their development as readers and leaders.

If you need to reach me, you can message me on ClassDojo, email me, or call the school. 🙂

As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!

Mrs. Lambright



· Phonics homework every night.

· Spelling test tomorrow!! Practice the sentences too!!

· Sight words to practice for a test every Friday.

· +2’s to practice.

· Reading log, please read a book every night.

· Scholastic book order will be due by Tuesday, September 21. You are able to order online and pay with a card, or you can send the order to me with a cash or check.

If you need anything, please call the school or message me on Dojo!



Our spelling test will be on Tuesday.

Keep reading 20 minutes each evening and practice your sight words.

UIL Info will go out soon!



We are working on adding 3 digit numbers this week. We have added 2 three digit numbers and more than 2 three digit numbers. We are practicing our times 2 facts for this weeks times test. The math fact test will be on Friday. Please make sure you are practicing your facts every night.


We are finishing up exploring with heat and how it can change the states of matter from a solid to a liquid to a gas. We are also learning that cooling can change the states from a gas to a liquid to a solid.


· Bring a water bottle (WITH ONLY WATER) each day to school. Not drinking out of the water fountain will help keep us from spreading germs.

· Bring math fact cards back to school each day. We will be using them in our stations.

ELAR/Social Studies:

  • Make sure you child is reading each night and filling out their reading log. (they need to be signed by you)
  • Make sure they are bring a water bottle to school each day so they can have water in class when they need it.
  • Scholastic Book orders have gone home and they are due September 28th. (all details are in class story on Dojo)
  • Please make sure you are checking messages in Dojo. Dojo is our main form of communication to you besides the purple note.
  • Make sure your child is bringing their library book back to school each day. We are striving towards our AR goals!
  • Have a great weekend!

Whitney Lamming


We had a great week discussing author's purpose and diving deep into our books. This is an important STAAR skill that all students need to have mastered.


  1. Spelling Test every Thursday!
  2. Sign reading log nightly. Your child must read at least 20 minutes every night.
  3. Parent Conferences are on October 11th. Mark this in your calendar!

Please let me know if you need anything. Message me on dojo if you have any questions or concerns 🙂

What a busy week! The 4th graders are busy working on decimals, money, and rounding numbers in Math. We have really been working on word problems. Many word problems either have additional and unnecessary information or are multi-step problems. Often, these elements really make these problems challenging, so we have been concentrating on breaking apart the problems and making sure we answer ALL the parts and that we discard information we don't need. 🙂 We will continue to work on word problems as we get into adding and subtracting with decimals (money) next week. (PLEASE help your children review their multiplication facts as well as division.)

In Science, 4th grade has been discussing matter and physical properties. This week we tested the property of magnetism. We have discussed solubility, mass, and density as well. Next week we will get more into solutions versus mixtures and how to tell them apart.

5th grade Science has been busy studying many physical properties of matter. On Wednesday, we measured mass using a triple beam balance (also connecting to Math and number lines,) solubility, and magnetism. The students were able to measure several common objects. Next week we will talk about mixtures and solutions and then move on to force, motion, and energy. Lots of exciting topics!

Mrs. Brown 🙂



We have been focusing on learning about author's purpose and craft this past week. We've read multiple books and have been looking at figurative language in detail. We've also been looking at the why and the how the authors choose to use this in their writing. We've also been writing their own speeches during class.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies, we have learned about what a Mayor is and does and discussed what it means to be a leader for our school and in life. We are also learning all about the early colonies in the United States. They have been working hard and are excited for our upcoming Mayor election.


  • Please send your child with a water bottle every day. This saves time in class when they have water with them.
  • Please remember to have them read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night.
  • Also, please have them study their spelling words. A new list will go home today, and their test is next Thursday!
  • If your child is running for Mayor, the permission slip MUST be sent back by tomorrow, or they cannot run.

Thank you!

Mrs. Rasco

Fifth Grade Chaps


  • We have started our small introduction to Algebra unit. The students have amazed me. They have accepted the challenge and are doing very well. Yay!
  • Please have your child practice multiplication math facts for few minutes every night either with flash cards or a downloaded game.
  • Please remind your child to bring a water bottle every day. It is a long day, and we need to not drink straight from the fountain.

Thank you for all your support.


Order form and money due by Thursday morning!
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Broncos -vs- Valley (there) @7:30pm



Is now open every Wednesday after school!

Prices range from .50 to 4.00

pickle pops, snow cones, popcorn, dippin dots, cake pops, etc.


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