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March 14 | 2022

Spring Break March 18-27.

No School this Friday, March 18.

Enjoy! We will return on Monday, March 28 to finish the school year with challenging experiences for each student.

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For coming weeks, the District will provide case rates and other information each week. Click the gray button above to go to a spreadsheet. On the upper left you can also toggle to a "chart."

District Updates - COVID

The link to the weekly case chart is above. We had NO COVID cases reported in the schools this week.

The District will lift the use of targeted masking in the schools after Spring. Any student or staff who chooses to wear a medical/cloth mask may continue to do so. Staff will no longer ask students to use masks in small group settings or other "targeted" situations.

After spring break, the response team will provide information on guidance on how families can determine how long a student should remain home with symptoms. We know as we transition from the prevalence of COVID, there is question about other illnesses and school attendance. The response team will provide reminders of general rules of thumb to use when to determining when your child can return to school after being ill.

We will NOT have a Zoom meeting on March 21 - Enjoy Spring Break! We will meet on March 14.

Weekly Zoom Meetings continue each Monday at 5:00 pm for additional information or questions about Recovery practices or other District items. Please consider joining as we discuss a variety of district topics each week. See end of newsletter for link to join.

The BV Schools Opening in Recovery Plan is linked here.

Safety Drill Debrief

Information was sent from the School District and our local law enforcement regarding our safety drill on Wednesday, March 9. The information sent to families is linked here as reminder. The District encourages families to review the Standard Response Protocol BV Schools uses in cooperation with our police that Chief Morgan references is here.

District Calendars 2022-23 and 2023-24

The District Calendars for 2022-23 and 2023-24 have been approved by the Board of Education and are now available here on the District website.

The Calendar Committee and District Accountability Committee (DAC) will meet later this year for future calendars, including input regarding a four day week.

State Testing - April 2022

Each April, BV Schools administers the Colorado Measures of Academic Standards (CMAS) tests in 3rd-8th grade and the PSAT and SAT in grades 9-11 in language arts, math and science at grades 5, 8, and 11. This year we will administer all tests grade 3-8 online. PSAT and SAT are scheduled to be in an online format in a year or so. Please see the testing letter linked here with important information about these test. We use the results for program and instructional planning so participation is valued. The letter includes the process for excusing your student from testing as is required by Colorado law. If you have questions, please reach out to Diane Look ( or Lisa Yates (

Weekly Zoom Meeting for Families

Each Monday, BV Schools will host a virtual meeting at 5:00 pm. This is open to all families to hear more about the status of learning in the school and to ask questions.

Join through the link below or by going to ZOOM and entering: 821 3222 5223


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Spring Break March 18-27