Lenape Jazz Band Updates

February 19, 2013

Jazzy Parent Meeting Minutes

Tomorrow's Rehearsal

Tomorrow's rehearsal will end at 4:30pm due to Lenape Idol. Many students are involved and I'd like to give them time to eat dinner/etc. If they are unable to leave and come back, they are welcome to stay in the band room. If enough students are staying we can order pizza (just have them bring a few bucks) or they can bring their own.

Website Calendar

Please go to www.moourl.com/lenapebands for schedule updates, includig a revised rehearsal schedule.

List of Upcoming Events (changes are in bold)

March 5th – 6th Grade Orientation at Lenape

March 22nd – Tamanend Jazz Festival

April 3 – District Jazz Festival at HOLICONG

April 5/6 – Lenape Jazz Fest set-up/Festival

April 9 – Performance at School Board Meeting (rescheduled)


May 3 – Welsh Valley Jazz Festival

May 13th and 15th – Spring Concerts at Lenape

May 17th - Music in the Parks - Dorney Trip (letters coming soon)

June 17th - 9th Grade Promotion at Lenape

Lenape Jazz Fest - April 6, 2013

This is the 10th Anniversary of the Lenape Jazz Festival! In years past, parent volunteers and I have used Sign Up Genius to handle donations/concessions/set-up duties/etc. Please keep an eye out in your email for this as we get further into our planning of this great event.

Typically each family either donates their time, food, drinks, or about $30 to cover the cost of what is needed. This of course is not mandatory, but greatly appreciated as this event is our main fundraiser for the year.

Maryanne Giller and Mary Catherine Bolton will be the contacts for concessions. If you are interested in helping with candy grams/baskets/etc. please let us know!

I will send a separate "Jazz Fest" email to cover all the details. Thank you for all the great ideas last night!


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Each Lenape Band student has been asked to create an Edmodo account. I have deactivated their ability to post/comment on anything (except to me). As the site administrator I have control over posts. This tool has proven to be very useful in sending reminders regarding rehearsals, cancellations, A/B days, etc. You can set it up for remidners to come as a text or to your email (or none and just use the free app).

If you would like to be linked to your child's account please email me for the parent code and instructions. If you prefer that your child not have an Edmodo account that is also fine.


For the past few years we have worn all black concert dress with a red bow tie. We discussed the possibility of offering uniform purchase (at the beginning of the year). Bow ties are breaking/getting lost/not being returned. I am planning on talking to students at tomorrow's rehearsal and taking it from there. I will most likely buy what we need for this year and revisit this topic at the end of the year.

Spring Sports

If your child is planning on doing a spring sports, please communciate this with me as soon as possible. I can definitely be flexible, but within reason. Coaches and directors have an understanding to "share" students and I'd like to make it the best situation possible for students. Schedules will need to be communicated as soon as they become available, and updated as they change. Please visit www.moourl.com/lenapebands for our spring schedule.

Lenape Band

Mrs. Bridgett Szychulski

Lenape Band Director