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  • A desert island or uninhabited island is an islands, that has yet to be populated by humans.
  • Means that people probably don't know about the island.


  • One of the largest reserves, the Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center , a major drainage system, the high peaks of the Santa Rosa Mountains down to Colorado Desert.

  • Deep canyons research center a major draining pipeline,Santa rosa mountains down to Colorado desert.


  • A canyon or also named gorge is a deep ravine between cliffs often carved from the landscape by a river.
  • Deep ravine between cliffs carved from giant landscape

Bodies of water in the water

Four types of deserts exist on Earth. Subtropical deserts are in the hottest areas with extremely dry terrain. Cool coastal deserts are cooler than subtropical deserts because of cold offshore ocean currents.

  • The bodies of water in the desert cool coastal deserts than subtropical.

Climate and weather of a desert

  • Deserts are areas where the rainfall is too low to sustain at all. The rainfall in desert areas is less than 250 mm or 10 inches per year, and some years may experience no rainfall at all. The hot deserts are situated in the subtropical climate where there is unbroken sunshine for the whole year due to the stable descending air and high pressure.


  • The tempture of a desert is cold at night and hot at day.


  • The precipitation in Hot and Dry Deserts and the precipitation in Cold Deserts are different. In the the dating is so hot.
  • During night it is so cold.

Desert animals

  • Birds,mammals,reptiles, Arthropods,amphibians.
  • These are the animals of the desert.

Catastrophic agents of the desert

  • wide daily range in temperature. The dramatic temperature fluctuations are the result of low humidity, which allows up to 90 percent of solar radiation to penetrate the atmosphere and heat the ground
  • It gets very hot in the day and very cold in the night

Human impact

  • Human impact on desert biomes are things that humans do in the deserts that harm them. Things such as the destruction of plant life, which takes centuries to grow back. When plants are destroyed animal life is adversely affected, and soil erodes.
  • We danger there habitat and we impact it.