Reno's Weekly News

October 17th - October 21st

Happenings this week -

10/17 - spelling pre test ( not taken for a grade)

Lesson 9 homework packet sent home


10/18 - gym ( dress in gym clothes)

Mobile Dentist at school

10 /19- music

Mobile Dentist at school

10/20 - library

Dairy Queen Night

5-7 County Line Hayride

lesson 9 reading tests and spelling test

Homework Packet due




Helpful links

Here is are the helpful links you can go to...

Brain Pop Jr.

Username: libertyjr

Password: brainpop

Our Reading Series:

Raz Kidz -

Our class padlet -

links to all the above sites, just hit view original in top right corner when you open the page.

Reading - lesson 9

Words to know - (words will be seeing in our readings this week)

after, draw, pictures, read, was, write

Spelling - (spelling test on Friday - pretest on Mondays to see what words they know)

Short e

yes, let, red, ten, bed, get

Grammar - Singular and Plural Nouns

Target skill - in our story Dr. Seuss, we will be talking about Text and Graphic Features ; Two Poems from Dr.Seuss

Vocabulary -Antonyms


Math homework will be coming home everyday or every other day, depending on how long a lesson takes us. Please work with your child on these sheets. These problems are review from that day's lesson.

Lesson 2 - fluently add and subtract within 10

Vocabulary - add, subtract, plus, minus, equation, equals, part, whole, subtract, difference, more, fewer, double facts, near double facts, number line

2.7 - Think addition and subtraction - We can use addition facts I know to help me solve subtraction problems.

2.8 - Continue to think addition and subtraction - We can use addition facts to 10 to solve subtraction problems.

2.9 - Solve word problems with facts to 10 - We can draw pictures and write equations to help solve word problems

Please be sure you are checking your child's folder for the math Homework and Practice sheet. this sheet is due the following day.


  • If you are signed up for a party for the class please make sure your license has been scanned in office
  • Pack a healthy snack daily
  • Check and empty folder nightly
  • Book bags will be coming home nightly this week, please read the books with your child and return for new books when those are read.
  • Library is Thursdays please return library books either Wednesday or Thursday morning

Halloween Class Party Volunteers

There were a few changes to the names.


Monday, October 31st

Maria Gaziano (Joey)

Tracy Maggio (Colton)

Jason Facchini (Jacen)

Kimberly Drummand (Nicholas)

Mike Klaich (Michael)


Spelling packets will be counted as 2 points on Friday for turning in completed.

Math will be taken for 1 point turned in completed!