Ole Krik Christionsen

By Ryan


Do you now how Ole Kirk Christionsen is if you don't maybe this would give you a idea The Man How Invented LEGO's


Ole Kirk Christiansen was born on April 7 1891 in Filskov Denmark. The members of his family were his mother his Father and and ten brothers. At the age of 14 Ole learned from his brother Kristain Bonde Christiansen carpentry. In 1911 he left Denmark to go to Germany to be a carpenter then he left to Norway

Returning to Denmark

In 1916 Ole returned to Denmark and bought a carpender store and aroud the same time got married and had two kids. in 1924 there kid was playing with a glue gun while ole and his wife were taking a nap and started some wood shavings on fire and the house was burned to smouldering ashes

Hard Times

The Great Depression reached Denmark in 1930 and farmers were low on money so ole started to make low priced things like chairs and wooden toys. In 1932 one of his sons joined the company. In the same year his wife died so then he had to raise four kids by him self.

The start of new company

In 1934 with a new focus he had to choose a name so he picked LEGO. He made the name from to Danish roots Leg and godt which means play well. In 1935 the company made more models like animal models.

The LEGO brick

In 1949 in Enland they made the audomatic building block after two years of trying it was done. That was the begging of the LEGO block. The first LEGO set was called town plan to teach kids about traffic safety. In 1958 Ole Kirk Christiansen died at the age of 62