Mobile Apps

For Learning!

Elementary Math Flashcards

This app provides the students practice with their basic math problems. They will be shown a flashcard with the math problem on it and given multiple choice answers. This app is easy to navigate and free!

Example: In Miss Kay's grade 3 class she has provided this app on a few of her classroom iPads in one of her math centers. Students will be directed at this center to answer 5 addition and 5 multiplication questions. They will need to record how many questions they answered correctly and which ones they didn't. This will give them an idea of the questions they should practice at home or at other math centers.


This app is simple to use and provides teachers and students with an electronic journal writing experience. These journals are easy to access and share among different devices.

Example: Mr. King is showing a Volcano erupt to his grade 5 class. The students can record the eruption and store this video along side their notes about this experiment.

Random Helper

This app allows teachers to input the students names. It can be used to take attendance, assign daily helpers and can change the order around of the names which is helpful to teachers when assigning partner work, setting plans, etc . . .

Example: Mrs. M. is finding her grade 9 students are always working with the same groups. She has used this app to randomize her class list to help her create groups of students for their science project.

Book Creator

This is a free app that provides students with an opportunity to create a digital book. This app could be used at different grade levels, and provides cross curricular and engaging experiences.

Example: Mrs. L. is using this app for her grade 8 students to create a book report project. They can use the different features to bring their book to life.

Spelling Words

This app would be easy for students or teachers to set up. All you have to do is add the words, then you can practice spelling them by listening to an audio recording of the word. This app would be great to practice for a spelling test or to use challenge yourself. When you get a word correct this app reinforces your hard work with digital awards.

Example: Mr. Jones is finding his grade 6 students are struggling with spelling some of their science terms correctly. He has encouraged them to practice them with this app.