Earth Today, Space Tomorrow

Experience space like you've never imagined!

Dive Into The Unknown

Experience a once in a life time opportunity and come with us on a trip to SPACE!!! There will be glass floors so you can see the universe below you, enjoy your journey with high technology to entertain and let's not forget that now in 2150 it only take 1 day to travel to Jupiter. We will be making 3 stops over a week, Jupiter's moon Callisto, Neptune and will also be visiting a variety of stars and comets. Don't miss out on this amazing trip and book now.

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Did you know that Neptune was named after the Roman Sea God

Stop #1 Callisto

Callisto is about 4.5 billion years old. It is one of the most heavily cratered object in our solar system. Callisto was discovered on 7 January 1610 by the Italian Galileo Galilei. On Callisto we will be exploring among the huge craters. We shall be discovering the amazing differences between our environmental atmospheres.

Stop #2 The Milky Way

On our journey we will be exploring the wonders of shooting stars and comets. We will discover what, makes them and how they travel through space.

Stop #3 Neptune

Before 1989 not much was known about Neptune, when voyager 2 visited Neptune it discovered a oval shaped storm that whizzed around the planet. Because this storm cloud moved so fast people decided to call it 'scooter'. On Neptune we will be looking at the different textures of the planet and the rings around the planet.