Hannah Van Blarcom's Poetry Flyer

The Weather of a Friendship

By Hannah Van Blarcom

Laughter, Running, Playing

The Swings

Swinging back and forth

For what seems like forever

Dark clouds roll in

Motioning their evilness

Toward the inhabited house


Tiny drops of water

Fall to the Earth

Drizzling, Gushing, Raging

Soaking the heads of two adolescent girls

Thunder rolls itself into the atmosphere

The clash of warm and cold currents

Lightning crashes

and spreads across the darkness

The storm does not concern the two girls on the swings

The storm continues

The girls continue

The lightning clashes with thunder

The thunder clashes with lightning

The two girls swing on the swings

Not a care in the world

About the weather

Only their friendship

That’s destined to thrive for years to come

Everything That Acts is Actual

By Denise Levertov

From the tawny light
from the rainy nights
from the imagination finding
itself and more than itself
alone and more than alone
at the bottom of the well where the moon lives,
can you pull me

into December? a lowland
of space, perception of space
towering of shadows of clouds blown upon
clouds over
new ground, new made
under heavy December footsteps? the only
way to live?

The flawed moon
acts on the truth, and makes
an autumn of tentative
You lived, but somewhere else,
your presence touched others, ring upon ring,
and changed. Did you think
I would not change?

The black moon
turns away, its work done. A tenderness,
unspoken autumn.
We are faithful
only to the imagination. What the
as beauty must be truth. What holds you
to what you see of me is
that grasp alone.

Past, Present, Future

By Gerda Weissmann Klein and Hannah Van Blarcom

No present existed

A walk in the woods

It was a wonderful escape

Picking flowers with my sisters

My wonderful childhood

A world at peace

The most remote fantasy

Sunsets and picnics

Lovely memories from which to draw strength

Falling tired after a swim

Playing with the fragments of my dreams

I dreamed of the future


By Hannah Van Blarcom

Along the city lay a sea,

with tides of subtle and strong.

Poseidon lies within the waters,

for he has the reign of the oceans.

Once a day the church bells sound for it is noon,

the people of the city hustle and carry on.

Busy men and women care to do their chores of day,

with children apprenticing their mothers and their fathers.

With mountains low as rocky shores,

the wind fills with the salt of the sea.

For the water provides the people,

the people may provide the water.

The blocky city of Ancient Greece,

has it at it’s most until further.

For the blocks put together to make the city,

eventually the blocks will fall.