Information about hurricanes

hurricanes can cause terrible disasters. To begin hurricanes are massives storms. The eye or the center is 20-40 miles wide. Near the eye are rainbands which spiral in towards the eye. Although if you are underneath the eye it is calm. That doesn't last long, hurricanes have lots of rain and last a few days. For example one hurricane dumped 114 inches of rain in Taiwan in just three days. Furthermore winds are just as bad. they are very dangerous to property. To continue they range from 74- 150 mile per hour winds. This is why hurricanes can cause terrible disasters.

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Hurricanes are one of the most popular natural disasters that there are.

To begin hurricanes are big thunderstorms that are created over big land masses like an ocean.

Hurricanes are very powerful and destructive.

In fact there was a hurricane in Taiwan that rained 114 inches in just three days.

That much water could create serious flooding and landslides.

That storm was very powerful with very high winds.

Lucky for us meteorologists can predict a hurricane so that can prepare us.

Hurricanes have many different parts to them.

One of the most known is the eye which can be as big as 20-40 miles long!

To exaggerate they are like as big as north America.

The eye is the center and least powerful.

Other parts include the eye wall which is much more powerful.

Winds can be around 200 miles per hour.

Rain bands are storm clouds that spiral toward the eye.

This poem was about how the hurricane functions and what damage it can do.