The Hive in Room 5

Here's the buzz...


This week we read The Runaway Pumpkin and focused on the following skills:

  • identifying the setting (where and when)
  • identifying the characters
  • identifying the beginning, middle, and end of the story and writing it in our own words

Then, we took our fall reading Core Assessment where we demonstrated these skills independently with the book, Pumpkin, Pumpkin.

King Bee

We enjoyed learning about our very own John DiGiovanni. It was so exciting to hear his mom read Green Eggs and Ham to us today!


We read the mentor text, Chinatown, and wrote stories about places that are special to us. This week we continued to practice 5 star sentences. A first grade 5 star sentence has appropriate upper case letters, punctuation, spacing, handwriting, and spelling of word wall words. We expect first graders to practice writing 5 star sentences in their Wednesday night homework and in their stories in class.


What a fun week! We used some of our science and social studies time to enjoy some Halloween stories and do some holiday projects. We particularly liked reading Big Pumpkin and making paper 3D pumpkins. Hope they made it home in one piece!


This week we reviewed the concepts in unit 2 and took our unit 2 test. We also enjoyed Pumpkin Math together. Again, thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers. Without you, this event would not be possible.


Ahhh...we made it! And we had a successful Halloween parade and party here at Gayman! (To be honest, I was sad we missed it last year!) Again, thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers. The party was a blast and was so well organized.