Weekly Data News

if your data don't look weird you're not looking hard enough

BI & Business Analysts

Business Intelligence Hires

  • Back-end : we need to make a proposal to Jonathan Winandy, I need an answer from you about hiring him for good rather than using consulting budget
  • Front-end : SFEIR is presenting our favorite AngularJs developer in the area, Thierry Lau himself! We're meeting with him tomorrow (4 months consulting renewable).

Night Watch

Weekly meeting with BA's last Thursday summary:

  • BAs say monitoring is too time consuming
  • They say IT is not involved enough
  • Clémence and I said it is their job to do this monitoring
  • I said we can ask IT to also update us at 10AM everyday on platform issues
  • I said again it is crucial to have a clear status + investigation ownership even if we don't have clear explanations

Data Management and Machine Learning

SKOS kickoff, entire team + David Stendardi, FLL

Julie : data reference lists used for profile / job offers

  • Linked to classifying Job titles in new reference
  • Offers > new referential Departement-Métier
  • Skills suggestions to be sent next week

Arnaud :

  • His internship project will be about skills recommendation
  • State of the art to begin

OS Premium Model

  • Difficulty with monthly indicators linked to others
  • Average price of reccurences complex to compute due to price changes
  • Acting on prices won't help to reach Q4 target, need to work hard on conversion

Survey analysis

  • Sentiment analysis
  • 1000 premium responses to analyse (support to Love team/Fred)


  • David S transfered knowledge about HBase crunching so that Eugen can extract trainings stats for Clémentine


"Who saw my profile" in post-onboarding email sequence
  • Impact of Ops blockers is impacting team mindset despite plenty of good will and solutions finding on our side
  • Target is still to be in prod by next Thursday with ability to send this email to all members (but we need to have all other emails to start sending).


Skyped one ENSIMAG candidate to Front-end developer position (AngularJS), currently interning in SF, very good potential, next step this Monday.

The Teams

Business Intelligence & Business Analysts

  • Clémence Desneiges - Manager of Business Intelligence
  • Clémentine Blanchon - Business Analyst B2B
  • Julie Buire - Business Analyst B2C Growth
  • Frédéric Chancholle - Business Analyst B2C Love
  • Kristine Romero - Business Analyst Marketing and B2C Money
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Servant - Business Analyst Search (San Francisco)

Data Management & Machine Learning

  • Eugen Cepoi - Software Architect
  • Arnaud de Myttenaere - PhD Candidate
  • Julie Séguéla - Data Management Expert


  • Julien Bille - Data Platform Engineer
  • Jean-Luc Canela - Tech Lead
  • Mathieu Chataigner - Data Platform Engineer
  • Iñigo Mediavilla - Web Development Engineer