TLC Newsletter

April 2016

This month's activities. . . .

February and March Updates

  • Many co-teaching opportunities (Elementaries and MS)
  • MS/HS/Corindy/Michelle AIW training

  • More teacher observations at the HS.
  • Coaching Learning Labs with Diane Sweeny
  • Corindy and Dale finished IPI Training
  • Visiting schools and learning more about 1:1 Elementary technology.

Teacher's have been working hard and we have many celebrations.

Teacher Leaders

Each month we will highlighting some of our teacher leaders who will be helping our staff throughout the year.

"A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

--John Maxwell

Student-Centered coaching Lab

Dale, Michelle, and Corindy all had the opportunity to host a Student-Centered coaching Lab where area teachers, administrators and AEA consultants came to observe us coaching. Dale co-taught with Louis Beck at the HS on creating digital portfolios. Corindy and Michelle co-taught with Jane Aswegan (Kindergarten) at LPC on using Dash and Dot coding robots during math instructions. This was a great learning experience for the three of us and a way for us to showcase the wonderful teachers and work that is being done in our district!
Big image
Michelle helping code Dash and Dot using math (making 1 more, 1 less and 10 more, 10 less on the number line).

Helping Students

Big image
Dale helping elementary students with coding a robot.
Big image
Michelle helping Mrs. Ternus's 2nd graders write a paragraph about one topic.
Big image

Michelle helped Heidi Spore work on making inferences in her third grade small-group literacy time.

Big image
Dale is co-teaching with Louis Beck during his Ag-Management class on using digital portfolios to showcase their work and extracurricular activities.
Big image

Corindy is working with a Kindergarten student on coding Dash to move 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, and 10 less on the hundreds chart.

Helping Teachers

Big image
Corindy is helping Aren Intelkofer, Industrial Tech at UMS, on flipping his classroom to be all online, preparing for next year when UMS is 1-to-1. We also looked at the standards to ensure it was all aligned.
Big image
Dale is using his questioning skills to help Louis make future instructional decisions when using higher-order thinking skills.
Big image

Corindy co-taught with Angela Petersen (Kindergarten, DG) during her small guided reading group centers.