Standards -Based Gradebooks

Monica Maragh


Hello MMS wonderful teachers and administrative leaders. This is Monica Maragh,

and I teach 7th grade Language Arts for those who don’t know.

Thank you for listening to my video on STANDARDS BASED GRADEBOOKS

As a disclaimer I want to be quite clear that I am new at the practice of Standard-based gradebooks (SBGB) and only started dabbling with it effective post Mr. Wormely’s workshop, so please be understanding if you are already doing all of this or if this sounds completely impractical for your situation or content area. On that note, I commence.

How can LA people do what the Math folks are doing so successfully!?

The biggest challenges that we in LArts experienced with this notion of SBGB was how do we set up a learning units the way math does a unit ...say on “exponents and scientific notation." So after meeting with Ms. Yarini and my math teammate, Ms Cooper to see how they do it in math,

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My Gradebook entries

As far as my ACTUAL e- gradebook is concerned, here is a picture of a class in my gradebook.SHOW GRADE BOOK I used the grade sheet shot since it was an easy way for me to hide my student’s names. As you can see, many of the formatives were not noted in this context but rather in the hard copy sheet that I keep in my teacher notebook. I don’t think I prefer to put all of the formatives in my pinpoint gradebook bc that would just be too much to me and too “junky” and not streamlined


enough. I keep a few of these little square sheets handy too for formatives.

5. Lastly I like how the students can be held “accountable” for the formatives that I choose to include and also the communication piece and data has been most helpful. By tracking students per AKS, students and teachers are given valuable feedback that can be used to help a student better prepare for the assessment that has higher stakes .i.e. quiz tests final essays and or milestones.

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Dos and Don'ts I have discovered in my one month of practicing SBGBs

Dos that I have discovered so far

-Don’t put too many aks on your learning target sheet. It is erfectly acceptable to split up a unit into several meaningful and manageable sections.

-Don’t put too many formatives in your grade book for one AKS– Keep others on a separate hard copy grade book sheet

-DO keep the kids engaged and aware of where they are in the learning process by letting them know that some key formatives WILL be included in the gradebook and for them to take notes and OWN their progress

- If you have any more ideas I can’t wait to return to hear about them!!

- Keep the format of your entries uniform i.e.

- Do keep a cheat sheet like the kids sheets so that YOU will know what the actual assessment was that you checked for your learning check

AKS #, brief two word description, and ( S short name for what the real assignment is called) and a date

(See Grade book entries)