Women in World War ll

Maddie Mueller

Why Women?

Women were chosen to complete men's tasks during World War ll while the men were fighting overseas. This was the first time women were accepted to work male jobs. Finally women had an opportunity to have jobs besides taking care of families at home. Back then women were labeled as mothers and they typically worked at home and took care of children while the men supported the family in their employment. Ever since World War ll, women's role in society changed as for as jobs, strength, and abilities.

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter was the reason why women stereotypes were eliminated during World War ll. She encouraged girl power and women doing men's jobs. Her name identifies the contribution women had in the war. Many honored her and looked up to Rosie during this time period and her image today still represents the empowerment of women.


There were many organizations created for women to contribute service towards World War ll. Examples: Women Army Corps (WACS), Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS), American Red Cross, The United Service Organizations (USO), and The Civil Air Patrol. All of these organizations helped the war in some way.

Women in War


Women's role in the workforce grew tremendously after World War ll. Some of the jobs they performed during war were driving trucks, repairing airplanes, working in laboratories, rigging parachutes, serving as radio operators, analyzing photographs, and many more. Most of these tasks were never done by women before and suddenly they were given the opportunity to learn new skills and start careers to carry on after the war.

The Secret Weapon

Women really aided in the victory of the war for the United States. With their encouragement and hard work it made the US have a strong advantage. Also, Hitler despised America for using women in war. He thought women were supposed to work at home with their family. Women in war thought if they worked hard to support the war, then their loved ones would arrive home quicker. So, women worked to help to win, no matter what the other countries thought.
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