Safety in the Workplace

(Pharmacy Technician)

Personal Safety

Safety from physical harm
  • Substances
  • Supplies (chemicals)
  • Equipment

Employee Responsiblities

  • apply principles of proper body machines
  • wear appropriate protection equipment wear
  • know and apply the policies and procedures in case of emergency

In Case of an Emergency

  • the first priority is to make sure the patients is in a safe area
  • make sure all staff members can be contacted and kept informed during the emergency
  • each pharmacy must have a business continuity plan that will show how the store will resume when the emergency is over and the repairs have been made

Licensure Requirements

Must meet one or more of the following criteria-
  • PharmD
  • Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties certification
  • Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy Certification
  • or Approval by the Board of Pharmacy

Equipment Procedures

All equipment's must be kept clean and sanitary-
  • counter tops must stay clean at all times
  • food and drinks are not allowed in the drug storage areas
  • any prescription containers must be thrown away
  • all personnel must wash their hands before reporting for duty and after lunch breaks

Steps on Hazradous Liquid Spills

  • Remove gloves or clothing (if applicable)
  • Wash the skin that is affected with soap and lukewarm water (using hot water can open pores
Eye Contact-
  • Obtain medical attention as soon as possible. Employees should go to Employee Occupational Health and Wellness or the Emergency Room
  • Fill our the appropriate incident report form and submit it.