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10.14.2016 #6

Star Ship Report

  • SGO's/PDP

    Just a reminder that SGOs(2) and your PDP is due in OnCourse on Monday, October 31. If you have questions about either please reach out to the administrator who has been assigned to review your SGOs and PDP. You can find out this information by viewing the observation matrix in the Staff Conference folder. Please click on this LINK for more resources related to SGOs including exemplars.

  • Still looking for a few teachers who would be willing to trade half of a lunch period to supervise a classroom during "Indoor Recess" as needed. Teachers who are willing to do this should let Steve know - we will set up a time sheet for you.

  • Halloween - Monday 10/31. I am thinking about running a "Special Schedule End of Day" - I can move 1st Grade Specials around to earlier in the day to allow us to use Period 6 for changing into costumes and have the parade start at we will have our parade start at 2:30pm - Due to the fact that Trick or Treating will happen that night, classroom celebrations should be kept to a minimum.

  • While on the topic - ALL class "parties"/ celebrations will be held on the same days. November 23rd for Thanksgiving and December 23rd for the Winter Holidays.

  • - Please sign up - click on the link below to join our class. (For reference, our class code is @kg3f2.) You could also TEXT @kg3f2 to the number 81010

  • IMPORTANT REMINDER - When you are making a "SUB REQUEST" please be sure that you are logged in under your account.

Violence Awareness Week - 10/17-21

Hi everyone,

Next week is Violence Awareness Week. I have put together some discussion topics for each day, should you choose to use these during morning meeting time or throughout the day.

Alyssa Choma

Themed days for Homeroom activities & discussion:

Monday 10/17Respect

Ask students to reflect on the Week of Respect (2 weeks ago). What are some ways we can show respect for others? What about for ourselves?

What can we do if we feel we are not being respected by someone?

Tuesday 10/18- Tolerance

Have a classroom conversation about tolerance during morning meeting time.

What is tolerance?

In what ways should we show tolerance while at school? At home?

Can it sometimes be hard to show tolerance? What can we do?

Wednesday 10/19 - Anger Management

Share tips on how to express the natural feeling of anger in a healthy way

Some examples include:

Counting to ten, close eyes

Squeezing a stress ball

Practicing breathing techniques

Yoga and mindful meditation

Thursday 10/20 - Conflict resolution

Homeroom teachers can organize role-playing scenarios where students can act out different conflicts and discuss how to peacefully settle them.

A friend has copied your homework without your permission.

Some classmates have been teasing you about your outfit.

You found out that your “best friend” went to a movie with someone else in your class and didn’t invite you.

Friday 10/21Violence

Classrooms will incorporate a conversation about the meaning of violence into their morning meetings

What is violence?

Mean and aggressive acts against someone or something

Are there different types of violence?

Against humans, against animals, against property

What are some situations that make people feel violent?

Losing at a game, not getting our way, being made fun of

What can we do if we are ever feeling violent?

Tell an adult, use cool-down strategies

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Monday 10/17

  • Fire Prevetnion Assemblies (Cafe)
5th Grade - 8:45am

4th Grade - 9:45am

  • Faculty Meeting 4:00pm
  • Rider Students Begin

Tuesday 10/18

  • Earth's Journey Assembly - Grades 3-5 (see schedule)
  • OW Workshops Grade 3 Teachers
  • Courtyard Committee 3:45pm

Wednesday 10/19

  • OW Workshops Grade 4
  • Rider Students

Thursday 10/20

  • OW Workshops Grade 5

  • Bus Evacuation Drills (at arrival time)

  • Green Team Meeting 8:00am

Friday 10/21

Looking ahead...

10/26 - Extra Faculty Meeting 4:00pm

10/27 - School Climate Committee 8:00am

10/31 - Halloween Parade 2:30pm

11/3 - Student Centered Inquiry Learning Committee 8:00am

11/4 - HVEF Grant Proposals DUE

SB Committees 2016-17

Paraprofessionals - Please Read

Our district is now overseeing after school enrichment opportunities for interested in students. On occasion, a student with special needs may require paraprofessional support. Classes are typically an hour in length and run once a week for approximately 8 weeks.

In addition, we are looking for an after school enrichment site supervisor at Stony Brook who would help daily from 3:30 - 5:30. A job posting is available at

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or are interested!

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Picture Share 16-17

Please share your Stony Brook pictures here.

Teachers - Please Read

Software Requests

If a staff member is interested in using a particular software program with their students, they should review this request with their supervisor/principal and then submit their request via email to Doug Brower, K-12 Supervisor of Technology, Practical Arts and Business. The request will then be reviewed and decided upon by the district Technology Committee. Teachers should not be purchasing subscriptions on their own and then registering students which includes passing along student information such as email addresses.