Dead City

by James Poti

the summary

There are zombies roaming new York some stay hidden in the shadows while others are out in the open. Molly was destined to be a Omega because her mom have been secretly training molly. She discovered about omega and Zombies when she was attacked by one in a subway tunnel. She joined a team with Alex Natalie and Grayson. When 3 dead zombies were discovered dead in the park in a shape of ogama they try figuring out why someone put that there but molly discovered something about the past as well

About the author

He grew up in Atlantic beach Florida and a graduate of the University of Southern California. He wrote lots of books and worked as a television writer/producer.


molly The main character the new member of ogama

molly mother former member of ogama

Alex The fighter this charter remins me of Aaron a charter from the enemy because he seems like he not afraid of anything.

Grayson The brains

Natalie the leader

o prime The only one that know ever group in the ogama i didn't like this character because he let his fellings get in the middle of his judgement

The theme

The theme is that know matter what always follow the rule even if it sounds stupid or seems unimportant at the time the theme unfolded because she went to a omega when she was not suppose to and she went to the dead city by herself and almost got herself killed.

favorite line

Omega Today, Omega Forever! because it means once you became a omega you are one forever even if you are a zombie.

To be come a zeke ( ogama )

you are watched to see if you are fit for about a year then you are approached and then you decide if you want to try to because a zeke or not try at all After that you half to learn the numbers of the preodic table and how to find a former member of the ogama ( That you must never approached )

about zombies

Zombies started in 1896 in a subway explosion and killed 13 workers the oranal 13

Now there are 3 levels of zombies or undead they like that better then zombies

level 1looks like everyone else and just wants to live with the living.

level 2 orange teeth and pale skin only attack when provoked

level 3 The strongest of all the undead but not always the smartest harder to take down though.

if you fight a zombie you half to hit them in the head then they drop down dead .

They get their power from the ground so you most likely see them in subways and sewers barely ever on the roof tops.


In Ponti's breezy and adventure-driven story, readers follow Molly and the Omegas as they connect the dots between the explosion, Little Women, the Dewey Decimal System and the Periodic Table of Elements. It works. Ponti incorporates New York City sights and gory zombie descriptions in a quick transit to an exciting finale with high-blown dramatics and a surprisingly tender moment. A fast-paced read for those who like their zombies with just a little fright.

- Kirkus Reviews

Likeable characters and a witty narrative, coupled with the themes of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal, make this page-turning adventure a must-have. A satisfying and engaging read that will leave fans wanting more.

- School Library Journal

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