Frederick Douglass

Eminent Human Rights Leader

Date And Place Of Birth

  • February 14 1818
  • Tuckahoe Maryland


  • Douglass lived with his grandma Betty Baily, his mother died when he was 10
  • Later he was chosen to live with a plantation owner

Jobs Held

  • Douglass was a slave
  • He also was a eminent human rights leader

3 interesting facts

  • Douglass married a woman named Anna Murray on September 15th 1838
  • They got married in New York
  • They settled in New Bedford Massachusetts

Awards and Recognition

  • Douglass delivered his first speach at a Massachusetts Anti slavery societys annual convention in Nantucket

Age when Frederick Douglass died

  • It diddent say when he died but it did say the year and the year was 1895
  • He died from a massive heart attack

Favorite Quotation

If there is no struggle there is no progress... Power concedes nothing without a demand, it never did and it never will.

Photo of Frederick Douglass