Indus Valley's Culture

Thomas c., Marra F., Sarina N.

Culture introduction paragraph

Culture is a way of stinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or an organization. Some parts of culture are religion, writing, architecture, innovations, and achievements. In the world there is culture because of the beliefs that our ancestors believed in and we follow what they did. Religion impacted the River Valleys everyday activates. Writing influenced the records they kept and the way business deals were done. Architecture affected the civilizations because of the mathematics they learned while building . Innovations also impacted those people because the more innovations the more jobs were created making bigger gaps in the caste system. Achievements influences the economic and military systems. The culture developments during the River Valley civilizations made the largest impact on the people in the River Valleys.

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In Indus Valley the people there knew mathematics. They could measure things as small as .07 inches. They made buildings and used their knowledge to build the buildings. The architecture of the streets was based on a grid. Each city had walls and gates around the city. So Indus valley had a lot of architecture from walls to buildings. They also had the tools to make the things. They were very good with math so that helped them with trading and selling because they made the first weight. Also they could tell time. They made scales to weigh very small things. They could add and divide, so this helped them build very neat houses. This is why architecture impacted the study of mathematics, science, and engineer.

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Fact Sheet (Achievements)

  • They developed a system of uniform weights and measurements.
  • They were the first to fit in urban sanitation systems.
  • They had highly advanced art.
  • A major gaol was transportation and trade.
  • Their religion was hilly advanced.


The River Valley civilizations were affected by the evolution of culture. Culture influenced daily life when the River Valley people developed religion. The way history was kept and business dealings were done were positively impacted when they learned how to write. When they developed architecture the study of math, science and engineering was enhanced. Culture also influenced specialization of labor and the gaps between the social classes grew when the River Valley people created more innovations. Finally, economic and military systems were impacted by their achievements. Culture had such a big impact on the River Valley Civilizations because Culture impacted their daily lives and what they did, each civilization had their own types of culture helping them develop in different ways.