Animators By : Ashley Quintanilla

Career Cluster: Art,A/V Technology & Communications

My reasons for choosing this career are...

-I like to draw

-I am creative

-I would like to animate

Training & Education Required for this job are...

You must get a 4 year bachelor's Degree and several years of work related experience, on the job training and/or vocation training

What is the work environment like?

You work inside in a office. You have to do group work because you will need voices for the characters and some people to work with to find the plot of the episode, movie, or short. you don't have to wear anything specific.

Job Description

Salary:63,630 per year

Growth Opportunities:3,600


Yes, I'd like to pursue this career in the future because I can make a cartoon and make kids happy. I also need 4 year in college and that can be educational. Finally I think that Animating can be fun


  • Active listening
  • Reading comprehension
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Coorination


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>Bureau of labor statistics
>Britanica Image Quest