From Hamilton To Home

January 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Happy New Year! Although the break was welcomed, we are ready to start 2022. We finished 2021 with lots of fun and excitement that blended the holidays with learning. Students enjoyed time with friends while celebrating the season in new ways. We look forward to what opportunities present in the new year.


Jodie Johnson

Hamilton Principal

Upcoming Important Dates:

January 3rd

  • School resumes
January 17th
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day, No School
January 21st
  • End of 2nd Grading Period
January 24th
  • Records Day, No School For Students

What's Been Happening?

Important Update: Mask Requirement Extended

Beginning Jan. 3, Elyria Schools will require students in preschool through grade 12 -- and all staff and visitors -- to wear masks. This applies at all after-school events, as well. We will continue assessing the situation throughout the month of January.

Students are responsible for bringing their own masks to school and maintaining them throughout the school day.

New Quarentine Guidelines:

There is also new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that shortens the isolation or quarantine period for a person with COVID-19, and showing no symptoms, to return to school and work.

Asymptomatic individuals may now return in 5 days instead of 10, provided masks are worn the remaining 5 days after their return.

The CDC also determined that contact tracing is not helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 so that practice will be suspended until further notice. Elyria Schools will continue to notify families when positive cases are confirmed in classrooms.

We will also continue to report positive cases of COVID-19 to PCG, Ohio’s designated reporting agency. These numbers are recorded on the Ohio Department of Health’s website, which is searchable by school district.

Car Rider Courtesies

Please DO NOT park in or block the bus drop off lane on 13th Street. This prevents buses from entering or leaving and stops and prohibits the safety procedures for student getting on and off the buses.

Be A PAX Partner At Home:

PAX Voices

This week your child started using PAX Voices! This is a strategy your child’s teacher uses to keep voices at an appropriate level in different settings. PAX Voices help children assess and match their own voices for every activity. PAX Voices allow children to predict appropriate volume while allowing the teacher to offer non-harsh guidance. Here are some areas of growth you will notice in your child right away:

  • They will use appropriate voices for different settings.
  • They will require less guidance and corrective feedback.
  • They will respond more appropriately and proficiently to adult feedback.

Ask your child about having a "0 inch" voice, "3 inch" voice, "3 foot" voice, and a "10 foot voice" and use these concepts at home and in the community.

Message From The Nurse: