By: Marissa Patel, Tess Kimura, Mabbey Avila

Our Playground

The playground at our preschool has features that promotes the physical and motor development for students ages 3-5. We have tricycles, a large grass field for sports, a jungle gym, hula hoops, jump ropes, and many more outdoor toys to promote using their motor skills.
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Inside the Classroom

There are many areas in our classrooms that promote different learning skills.

Language and Literacy Development:

  • Library
  • Writing center
  • Classroom activities: story time, sing along/music time, stencil work, etc.
Cognitive Development:
  • Puzzles to develop problem solving skills
  • Memory and Flash card games
  • Sorting items into specific categories

Social and Emotional Development:

  • Dress up
  • Eating snack at one big table (family style)
  • Partner work
  • Teachers are always available to the students for any of their problems and emotional support
  • Children are encouraged to play with others both in the classroom and outside the classroom during recess.

Accommodations for Children with Special Needs

  • Trained therapists that are available to work with children
  • Toys to accommodate for children with visual/hearing impairments
  • Teachers aid

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