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What's Happening in the Classroom

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Let see what's happening in Elementary PE with Mrs. Stolz's

The elementary students have finished a fun first quarter in PE. A few of the activities we have enjoyed are noodle tag, ball tag, volleyball, beach ball net games, dodgeball, flag football, scoop ball games, badminton and scooter games to name a few. We also participated in Iowa’s Healthiest State Walk in October.

Here's some news from Mrs. Stolz's Middle School Math

In math class, students have completed units on scale drawings, proportional relationships, transformations and congruence. Some of the topics studied have been scaled copies and drawings, proportional relationships with tables and graphs, properties of rigid transformations and congruence. Students have worked in groups to explore and answer problems. Some great conversations have happened and students have shown great teamwork. We will continue to work on geometry into the holidays.

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