Computing (software) by Adam

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is one type of software which is usually the most common Microsoft piece of software. It is used when writing essays, doing homework and mainly used for everything.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is used for presentations and is very popular for schools and work talks. You can use many styles and has all the fonts and features that Microsoft word has.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is software program used to make leaflets, flyers, postcards and more. Smore is a slight alternative to Microsoft publisher.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spread sheet program that is used for tables and collecting large amount of data and keeping them in a formal way you use this rather than word and co because of the columns.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is used when collecting worded data rather than data with a large set of numbers. It is cross between Excel and Publisher.


Fireworks is a professional photo editor which has all the tools adobe progarms have but fireworks is more editing less animating


Flash is used used when animating a picture or drawing or simply creating one with different brush styles and Hi tech shapes. Its also similar to paint but more Hi tech.


Internet explorer is a search engine used to surf the internet and link to websites like youtube and msn.