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Division Camp for Junior Girl Scouts

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A division wide camp was held at Balibago Elementary School on September 18-19, 2015. Different girls from different schools, together with their advisers, came to experience new challenges and have more friends.

The camp had lots of activities including the flag making, human bingo, and even presentations of their own talents. Each activity had a purpose for them. And that purpose made these girls better than they are before.

The first day of the camp was exhausting. Yes I am admitting even to myself that it is truly exhausting. But the thing is, you wouldn't be able to mind that it's exhausting, you'll just be happy by being with them.

As a facilitator, I had experienced many things already and I came to the camp to be able to share my knowledge and experiences. I had to handle a patrol. In fact, I handled two patrols, both from different schools. Though they are two, I was still able to facilitate them. They are fun to be with, I promise. Since they are kids, they are still childish and sometimes stubborn. They have flaws but as I said, they are to be well-rounded girls after the camp. Being with them was a good experience. I was able to teach them different things. And I was able to make them happy.

Comes with happiness are experiences. Experiences have many categories: sad experiences, happy experiences, tiring experiences, dull experiences, etc. They are many. You can name it all. And I did experience them. The tiredness because of facilitating and of course missing your bed. The sad ones because even though it is only a single night, I still missed my family (including my dog). The Happy experiences, of course, every moment is a happy one. Being with friends, meeting new people, being able to see what would they feel if we give our best, being able to see the girls appreciating our hard work to make the camp successful, being able to see our advisers, our titas supporting us.

It is always a bittersweet goodbye after a camp. Bitter because it is saying goodbye to your new friends, to the kids we facilitated, to the girls we helped. Sweet because, I'll be able to see my family again and I'll be able to fully rest after an exhausting camp. ut we should always remember that it's not always goodbye. If we're meant to meet again, then, we'll meet again. I truly appreciated everything about this camp. I faced challenges, lots of them. And lastly, I truly thank them for welcoming us, appreciating us, and loving us even in a short span of time.