Justice Has Been Served

The bus boycott was a success due to the determination.

Unjust and Not Fair

From 1880 to 1960 African Americans where not aloud to sit at the front of the bus. Also they had to get on the front of the bus and put in their ten cents. Then get off and get back on in the back of the bus even if it was raining or storming. Rosa Parks got on and on December 1 1955 this started to change when Rosa parks got arrested this was the start of history and the start of a huge movement.

Sore Feet

Still in high spirits the bus boycott had been going on for 234 days and they would be stopping no time soon until. They wanted to get their rightful equality. They still protested. The Mayor thought they would give up easy but he was very much wrong.

Justice Has Been Served

December 20, 1955 the bus boycott had ended. The African Americans got what they wanted which was equality. The bus boycott went on for 381 days. They walked or took taxis instead of taking the unfair and cruel buses.