Jerry Ross Newsletter 9.15.17

Find out what's happening at Jerry Ross this week.

From the Principal, Mrs. Stolarz

Are you ready for Back To School Bash? Hype Productions has been setting up the games and dance floor and volunteers have been decorating all day. We hope to see you tonight!

I have a few general reminders.

  • Make sure your children charge their Chromebooks every night and bring them to school fully charged. We are not equipped to charge them while using them and a lot of class time is being lost due to dead Chromebooks.
  • If you drop your child off in the morning, do not idle in the front circle. An adult supervisor is at the door at 8:40 a.m. and students enter the building at 8:50 a.m. every day. If you want to stay with your child until 8:40, you will need to pull into a parking space. Also, unload in the right lane that is closest to the school only and wait for the child in front of your car to unload before leaving the lot. We have had a few close calls with parents dropping students off on the far side and parents cutting in front of cars to leave quicker. My number one job is to keep kids safe. Thank you for helping with this.

From Gym


Students are participating in a “Frisbee Unit” in PE. They are working on eye-hand coordination, catching, and throwing for accuracy & distance. Every class competed in the “Frisbee Relay Challenge”. The class goal was to use teamwork and complete the relay as fast as possible.

2017 Class Frisbee Results:

3rd Grade:

Tokoly 14.9, Foster 15.1, Piattoni 15.3, Thompson 15.5, Mikurt 15.8, Midkiff 15.8, Klavas 16.8

4th Grade:

Smith 12.4, Sherman 12.9, Sekuloski 13.0, Miller 14.4, Trapp 14.8, Bane 16.0

5th Grade:

Thomas 9.2 (BEST IN SCHOOL), Burk 9.3, Perkovich 10.6, Hautzinger 11.3, Horan 12.3, Bunch 16.7

Throwing For Distance-- Level 4 Students

Third Graders: Logan Garza, Hailey Wehle, Merric Peart, Nick Melnick, Jake Means, Aiden Shackleton, Lukas Ensweiler, Nicholas Macaluso, Danny Johnson, Giovanni Tornincasa, Isiah Peterson

Fourth Graders: Katherine Gingras, Logan Kelsey, Alex Moore, Lorenzo Castaneda, Blake Dykes, Logan Johnston, Kason Muniz, Braden Porter, Bryan Fentress, Martin Minic, Max Zieniewicz, Kenzie Davis, Brooke Gingerich, Jack Pendleton, Corey Davis, Avery Kadelac, Sebastian Plumer, Neveah Rangel, Eddie Sundbland, Carter Phutawon, Ethan Shepard

Fifth Graders: Joey Barrera, Isaac Foster, Ken Gutchewsky, Kolby Henderlong, Mallory Keilman, Michael McDaniel, Jayden Neal, Jack Daniels, Tommy Gikas, Ashley Grindey, Hannah Jordan, Gabriel Mason, Marko Nastovich, Austin Rivera, Jackson Blackwell, Joshua Eberly, Jared Porter, Brady Clark, Emily Cofer, Ryan Goldie, Samir DelRio, Tidus Gill, Collin Nelson, Gabby Palkovich, Miles Verpooten, Dawson Arter, Addison Burdine, Madison Kaluf, Steven Kmetz, Max Odle, Porter Stephens

Club Corner

Run Club Monday, Sept. 18 @ 8:10 am & Wednesday, Sept. 20 @ 3:45-4:45 pm

Drama Kids Tuesday, Sept. 19 @ 3:45-4:45 pm

Board Game Club Wednesday, Sept. 20 @ 3:45-4:30 pm

Spell Bowl Tues., Sept. 19 & Thurs., Sept. 21 @ 3:45-4:30 pm and Fri., Sept. 22 @ 8:00 am

***Art Club***

All permission slips for both art clubs have been collected and will be organized this weekend. Art clubs will not start next week but please look for a note home next week with information of what days your child will be coming.

School Hours 9:05-3:44 p.m.

If your child is going to be absent please contact the office at 219-663-3010 or email Jerry Ross Attendance

Safe Visitor System

All 10 Crown Point schools, including Jerry Ross, are using a new visitor system to better screen the guests who visit our schools. When you visit our school, we will scan your driver's license or state issued photo identification card. Then we will print a visitor name tag that will have feature a picture of the guest and the purpose for the visit. This is one more way that we can provide the safest environment possible for our children.

Menu for the Week of September 18-22


Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza, Breakfast Bar/Cereal

Lunch: Pizza Slice, Fruit/Granola Yogurt Parfait, Silly Dilly Green Beans, Sliced Cucumber, Crazy Applesauce, Fresh Fruit


Breakfast: Pancake Wrap, Chocolate Chip French Toast

Lunch: Walking Taco/Regular Taco, Chessey Beef Nachos, Spanish Rice/Refried Beans, Rocket Red Pepper, Yummy Pears, Fresh Fruit


Breakfast: Egg and Cheese Sandwich, Breakfast Bar/Cereal

Lunch: Breaded Chicken Sandwich, The Superman(Super burger), Smiley Fries, Crispy Garden Salad, Mandarin Oranges, Fresh Fruit


Breakfast: Egg and Cheese Burrito, Whole Grain Donuts

Lunch: Pretzel & Cheesey Sauce, Hot Diggity Dog w/Cheese&Chili, Corn, Crispy Garden Salad, Chunky Pineapple, Fresh Fruit


Breakfast: Whole Grain Muffins, Yogurt/Poptart

Lunch: Bosco Sticks w/Marinara, Roasted Carrots, Fresh Broccoli Florets, 100% Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruit

Parent Corner with Mrs. Mucha

Next up the amygdala….. The amygdala is the zone that regulates the stress response. It signals the rest of the brain if this is a situation that is dangerous or a safe secure situation. It takes record keeping from the hippocampus in order to know which response to use. We are familiar with the flight, fight or freeze reaction. This is triggered in the amygdala. Think back to the example of the response to a perfume we smell. There are a number of responses but let us just focus on two very different responses. The smell of the perfume may bring good feelings, thoughts of a relative or special occasion. The amygdala then signals that the pre-frontal cortex can still be engaged to help with normal decision making. If the perfume signals a memory where we were hurt by someone that wore that perfume our brain may give us a feeling of increased anxiety, a need to run away, our stress response may kick in very quickly to respond in a protective manner. Being aware of how our brain works and responds, we can slowly start to recognize our responses, triggers, and what it feels like when we have a stress response. This flight, fight or freeze response in children also may look like an uncontrolled outburst, refusal, uncontrollable emotions, or fear. When the amygdala send out a signal of danger our prefrontal cortex is shut down and all our reactions are based off adrenaline, fear, and anxiety. We cannot begin to make rational or good informed choices until the amygdala is calmed and the “alarm is shut off”. This takes time and mindfulness to start to understand and regulate. Next up The Prefrontal Cortex!

From The Cafeteria

Student Breakfast: $1.50

Student Lunch: $2.25

Adult Lunch: $3.25

Ice Cream: $0.75

Milk Only: $0.40

***Birthday Treat Orders***

Please submit orders at least one week prior to your child's birthday to assure that we have enough for the birthday. If we receive the request the day of your child's birthday, we cannot guarantee that we will have enough ice cream for all of the student in the class.

Student Birthdays

As a school we believe it is important to recognize students on their birthdays. To protect instructional time in the classroom and promote positive student health, we do not allow edible birthday treats in the classroom. Your child's birthday will be announced on the morning announcements and he or she will receive a special birthday pencil from the office.

If you choose, non-food items may be substituted. Your child may commemorate their special day by bringing a small non-edible item for their classmates (pencil, bookmark, sticker, etc.), dedicating a book to the classroom (and placing a special birthday bookplate inside), or you may purchase birthday ice cream tickets for the class to be served in the cafeteria.

Jerry Ross Child Care Program

Crown Point Community School Corporation will offer Child Care during the school year on all school days.

Before School: 6:00-8:55 a.m. $7.00

After School: until 6:30 p.m. $7.00

Carol Lawson is the site leader for the Child Care Program at Jerry Ross Elementary School. Direct Line: (219) 662-6790

Dates To Remember

Friday, September 15th Back To School Bash 5-9 p.m. at Jerry Ross

Thursday, September 21st School Pictures

Thursday, September 21st SMILLERMAN Dunes Field Trip

Wednesday, September 27th Early Dismissal at 12:14 p.m.-In service day

Thursday, September 28th SNAPP Dunes Field Trip

Friday, September 29th Student of the Month Breakfast 8:00 am