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Q. What are the considerations for a web design project?
A. There are several factors to consider prior to the implementation and agreement to proceed with a Web Design Company. As such, the following factors include:

– Target audience

– Website’s objective

– Content source

– Service provider

Q. Is it ok to use flash as part of the home page?
A. While animations are fascinating to children, they are not entirely effective to most adults especially those looking for business or services. If you are going to try to put animation in your site then it is best to also provide a link to a page that can be found on your site. In this way, you give your audience the choice of viewing the page or not. They will not be forced to which is a more preferable option. Flash components or animations do not necessarily help your site become search engine friendly so it is best to limit or carefully weigh the flash components in your website.

Q. Is a database necessary?
A. Databases are good for organizations that seek to provide or offer a comprehensive range of products or services to customers in the online platform. For instance, companies that are involved with real estate need to have a database because of the countless things they list. In the same way, similar types of businesses also need databases to help them track a lot of things.


Q. What are “key phrases”?
A. The terms or words users input in search engines to search for something are referred to as key phrases. The set of words or phrase the user types in refers to the key phrase. This is a very important concept in SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Q. How are search engine optimization and key phrase related?
A. Search engine entails the use of many different factors. Out of all this, the main focus is on the content of the site and whether it matches user key phrases or not. In essence, websites should be constructed and incorporated with content that consider key phrases. Central Queensland IT Solution has the necessary applications, services and professionals, who can help you get started with key phrases and search engine optimization.

Q. What makes a good key phrase?
A. A good key phrase catches the essence of user queries. It is the set of words used by users to search for something. However, it is important to note how many websites are over the internet and how stiff the competition is. For businesses to get a good competitive edge, it is important for them to tailor their target users. Understanding the competition and tailoring key phrases require proficiency and several things to accomplish. How To Make Your Own Website services to help you customize key phrases and keep afloat in the competition and reach your target users. However, remember that key phrases do not improve your ranking. This aspect is dealt with other parts of search engine optimization.

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