George Washington

How they Croaked Project

Character Bio

Washington was a general in the military who later got elected president of the united states.

Born in 1732 in Westmoreland country Virginia

Died 1799 in mount Vernon Virginia while he was still in office

Died when he was 67 years old

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A brief History

George Washington worked as a farmer who choose to fight for his country. He made his way though the ranks and became a general. Washington was the commander and chief of the united sates army when we still had thirteen colonies and were ruled by the British. after we won the revolutionary war he was elected president. he served 2 terms for a total of 8 years. In 1799 he died upon just returning to his farmer after his 8 years in office.

Treatment and Medicines

Washington fell ill to an infection of the mouth called epiglottis. at the time the most popular treatment was giving him a mixture of butter, vinegar and molasses and warped a wag with smelling salts around his neck. it was also not uncommon to make a cut in your arm to drain the blood out.

Disease How Washington Croaked

Washington suffered from an infection of the mouth called epiglottis

-labored breathing


-Throwing up due to medicine given to him

-Injection of a cut given to him to drain blood from his body

-Loss of fluids in the body

Medicines we Would use Today VS Want they Used

Doctors Back then Used:

-Cut his arm to drain out blood

-Served him a mixture of vinegar, molasses and butter

-Put a rag mixed in smelling salts around his neck

-Grounded up Beatles and placed it on the injured area

What doctors use Today:

-Deliver oxygen to the lungs though an oxygen mask or in extreme causes a tracheotomy May need to be used.

-Antibiotics will be used to kill the Bactria.

-When it is stable more antibiotics will be given, most people recover in 5 to 7 days.


1.Epiglottis- A valve like structure the covers the wind pipes.

2. Bloodletting- The act of letting blood out by opening a vein.

3. Smelling Salts- A preparation for smelling, used to stimulate the body.

4. Beetle treatment- Using beetles to suck out fluids from someones body.

5. Marking the beginning of a new adventure.

Timeline of Washington's Injuries

Day 1: When Washington woke up he was hot and couldn't breath. Martha and Tobasis Lear went and got Dr. Craik. Craik served him a mixture of butter vinegar and molasses and give him a rag with smelling salt on it. After Washington had no improvement Craik followed Washington order and cut an insigtion Washington arm to drain out his blood. Craik had one last idea to try to improve Washington's condition, Craik placed Beatles on his legs and arms to get the infection out. Later that night Washington's passed away.
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