Sara Judge

Sara Judge Possesses Over 30 Years of Experience

About Sara Judge

A bachelor of arts in East Asian studies and Chinese language graduate of Princeton University, Sara Judge McCalpin works at Avenues: The World School as the global director of Asia. She has over 30 years of experience in international and Chinese relations and frequently travels between Avenues’ New York headquarters and its office in Beijing. Since joining the company in 2014, Sara Judge has led the implementation of governmental relation strategies in China and has worked to establish Avenue campuses in Beijing for a network of K-12 private schools. In addition, her duties include directing governmental relations and business development matters for private education throughout Asia.

Sara Judge McCalpin's career history involves holding positions at several U.S.-based China-related organizations. Prior to joining Avenues, she served as the president of China Institute and oversaw American-Chinese relations efforts that included the arrangement of business forums, lectures, art exhibitions, and professional training courses. Sara Judge founded River Way China Consulting in 1997 and provided independent consulting and business advisory to executive teams. Her advisory topics included China entry strategies, political risk analysis, and market research. Additionally, Ms. Judge worked as the director of Asia for AFS Intercultural Programs early in her career.