Jennifer's PFE Counseling Program

2006 - 2018

Jennifer Vandenbrook, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

Category 1: Professional School Counselor

Management Agreement

EBSP Transition Logs

Relational Violence Counseling Log

Guidance Lessons and Scope and Sequence

Campus Crisis Plan

Calendar of School Counseling Events and Projects

Evidence of Group Counseling

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Category 2: Campus Improvement Participation or College/Career Readiness Plan

College and Career Readiness:

  • Rice Field Trips
  • Campus Career Fair: Career Guest Speakers per grade level
  • Tour of Opportunity - Front Foyer displays of Colleges and Universities

Category 3: School Climate and Safety

Significant number of guidance lessons and small groups sessions relating to this topic

No Place for Hate®
Campus Committee Chair
  • Awarded "No Place for Hate®" Campus Honor: May 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Anti-Bullying Video and Presentation by Counselor, PTA Mtg

  • The No Place for Hate® Crew activities

  • Be the Change Week/Great Kindness Challenge – January

Awareness Weeks:

  • Red Ribbon Week - October
  • Be the Change/Kindness Challenge Week - January

Programs for Students:

  • Alley Theater: Oskar and the Curiously Colorful Clash - respecting diversity
  • Toro with the Houston Texans "Tackle Bullying" program
  • No Place for Hate® Crew messages: Diversity and Anti-Bullying Awareness Videos

PBIS Team Member

Cookie Chats with Parents:

"Exploring the Role of an Elementary Counselor - Programming Information for Parents"

"Differentiating within the GT Classroom"

"Parenting with Love and Logic"

Lila Belle, PFE's Comfort Dog

No Place for Hate® Crew!

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PANTHER P.A.L.s (Peers as Leaders)

Over 35 Fourth Grade Students

  • Assisting Teachers
  • Tutoring Younger Students
  • Mentoring Younger Students
  • Performing Random Acts of Kindness
  • Creating videos for students and staff

Category 4: Goals and Achievements in Four Delivery Systems

Guidance Curriculum:
    My guidance and small group lessons will decrease the number of office referrals with this targeted group by 20% from the first through thefourth marking period.
    • Guidance Lessons: K-5 – WhyTry + Paul Tough’s Curriculum
    • Small Groups: Families in Separate Homes
    • (F.I.S.H.), A-Team (Academics), Easy Does It
    • (Anger), Movers and Shakers (Impulse Control)
    • Circle of Friends (Friendship) , Journeys (Grief)
    • and H.E.A.R.T.s (Anxious/Testing)
    • Groups: (Fall – 5 groups) and (Spring – 14 Groups)

    Responsive Services:

      My individual counseling sessions will reduce the amount of time selected students are taken to the cool down room (thus missing class time) due to physical outbursts by 20%.
      • Individual Counseling Sessions: WhyTry Metaphors, 5-pt scale implementation, teaching replacement behaviors for anger, healthy relationships goal setting, bibliotherapy, techniques of play therapy, CBT

      Individual Student Planning:

        My planning with individual students will help to increasegoal setting by 20%.
        • Individual sessions with students on goal setting: creating contracts, plans of action, life plans/career goals
        • Behavior RtI Plans
        • Parent/Teacher Conferences
        • Middle School Transition
        • 504

        System Support:

        My system support will provide 100% of staff and parents with resources to

        support the educational and personal/social goals for students.

        • Panther P.A.L.s.
        • Cookies with the Counselor Chats and Anti-Bully Night for Parents
        • Campus Humble ISD Education Foundation Representative
        • Partnering with the Food Bank: Backpack Buddies
        • Comfort Dog + Tail Wagging Tutoring
        • Kids Hope Mentors + Staff Mentors
        • Mentor and Me Time Coordinator "M&M" Time (Staff Mentors)
        • Watch D.O.G.S. Campus Coordinator
        • Campus Webmaster
        • SMORE Counselor Newsletters
        • Surveys
        • Parenting Lending Library
        • CNA/CIP
        • TSCA and TCEA Conferences/Staff Trainings
        • Community Outreach
        • Trainings for Teachers: Why Try, RtI Behavior, 504 Procedures, Diffusing Difficult Behaviors
        • Live Binder resources for teachers and counselors
        • Region IV 504 and Behavioral Training
        • College and Career Readiness Committee Chair
        • No Place for Hate® Coordinator
        • Site Based Committee Member
        • School Counseling Advisory Committee Chair
        • Kindergarten Round-Up and Kinder Kamp - Getting Connected presentation for parents
        • Several opportunities to present to counseling colleagues at District Meetings or Word to the Wise Wednesday Mtgs on CREST/Gold Medal Programming, Toggl Time Study, Guidance Curriculum, Comfort Dog Program, etc...

        PFE Watch D.O.G.S.

        Technology Resources for System Support

        RtI Tools

        Category 5: Parent and/or Community Involvement

        Coffee Chats:

        1. Exploring the Role of an Elementary Counselor - Programming Information for Parents"

        2. "Differentiating within the GT Classroom"

        3. "Parenting with Love and Logic"

        4. "Navigating Behavior Solutions" with a guest speaker

        Communication with Parents:

        1. Website

        2. SMORE Monthly Counselor Newsletter

        3. PFE Flyer

        4. Phone Calls

        5. Emails

        6. Conferences/Consultations in Person

        Kids Hope USA Partnership - Mentoring

        Watch D.O.G.S.

        Community partners have contributed through:

        1. PTA Support

        2. Spirit Nights

        5. Humble ISD Education Foundation Grant Funds

        College and Career Readiness:

        1. Career Day Guest Speakers

        Feeling Puzzled? Looking for Ideas to Help You at Home?

        Check out the

        Counselor's Lending Library:

        Parenting Resources

        Referrals to See Ms. Vandenbrook

        Would you like to request for your child to visit with Ms. Vandenbrook for some counseling?

        All students have access to the counselor through whole group guidance. Individual students may self-refer to the counselor using individual counselor passes. Teachers and staff may also refer individual students to the counselor. In addition to guidance lessons, some students visit with the counselor in small group counseling sessions.

        Referrals to the Counselor

        Click this button to complete a confidential request for counseling.


        Rhosine Fleming Elementary School Counselor of the Year (2018)

        · Nominated and selected to receive this award from the Texas School Counseling Association

        Women of Achievement Award (2017)

        · Nominated and selected to receive a Women of Achievement Award in Education from FamilyTime

        CREST State Award (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018)

        · Received distinguished award from the Texas School Counseling Association as a Counselor who Reinforces Excellence for Students in Texas

        Texas State Counseling Association Elementary Vice President (2016 – present)

        · Nominated and selected to serve on the Texas School Counseling Association board

        National Board Certified Counselor (2015 - present)

        · Met national standards set by the counseling profession

        Lifetime Achievement Award (2015)

        · Presented with an achievement award by the PTA of Pine Forest Elementary recognizing the counseling program on our campus

        Gold Medal Counselor (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017)

        · Distinguished honor awarded to Humble ISD counselors for having a comprehensive counseling program that meets or exceeds the American School Counseling Association standards

        Educational Grants (2000 – Present)

        · Awarded 19 grants from the Humble ISD Education Foundation

        · Featured Speaker at the April 2014 Humble ISD Education Foundation Gala and at various Humble ISD Education Foundation events showcasing the powerful, innovative programs made possible by generous grant funds

        · Served as a campus Education Foundation liaison

        KPRC Channel 2 News Program (2015)

        · Showcased on a news segment highlighting the college and career readiness programs within our counseling and teacher initiatives on campus

        No Place for Hate® Campus (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017)

        · Awarded the title of a No Place for Hate® Campus after meeting specific requirements for schools set forth by the Anti-Defamation League of Houston

        Humble ISD Your Schools TV Show (2016 and 2013)

        · Highlighted in a segment discussing the benefits of having comfort dogs on our campuses within Humble ISD

        · Focus of a segment entitled, “Girl Talk” highlighting aspects of a grant awarded from the Humble ISD Education Foundation aimed at reducing relational aggression

        Texas School Counseling Association Conference (2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014)

        · Showcased Humble ISD’s “Love on a Leash” Comfort Dog program with three counseling colleagues in Dallas, Texas

        · Presented a session on a “Tech-Savvy Counseling Program” in Galveston, Texas

        · Helped facilitate a session on “Putting it All Together” with Lesa Pritchard and Matthew Smith, Humble ISD Counseling and Behavioral Services

        National Counseling Conference Presenter (2014)

        · Presented a session on a “Tech-Savvy Counseling Program” at the Wired Differently/National Conference on Innovative Counseling Skills and Strategies convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

        Humble ISD Counseling District Support (Ongoing)

        · Facilitated counseling presentations such as: New Counselor Training, CREST and Gold Medal Programs, Writing Winning Grant Proposals, Planning your Guidance Lessons, Comfort Dog Program, Counseling Time Study, Tech-Savvy Approaches to Counseling and Red Ribbon Week Resources

        · Coordinated the creation of new guidance and small group curriculums for counseling for our school district under the direction of the coordinator and director of Counseling and Behavioral Services for Humble ISD

        SHSU Panel of Counselors (2013)

        · Invited by Dr. Nelson and Dr. Butler to participate on a panel of counselors for an introduction to counseling course for SHSU students

        Affective Medal for Pine Forest Elementary (2013)

        · Distinguished honor given to our campus for our strides in providing and meeting affective goals

        Site Based Decision Making Team (2001 – May 2003; 2012 – present)

        · Served on a campus site based decision making team as a teacher and counselor. Participated in decisions for purchases with monies allocated to capital outlay funds

        Helped modify the campus improvement goals to reflect our school and district’s vision and mission statements