Bobwhite Quail Consevation

What You Can Do

The Bobwhite Quail Population Is Decreacing

One of the main cause of of the decrease of Bobwhite quail is the loss of habitat. There are several things that can cause their habitte to go away. This can be deforestation, habitat fragmentation, and invading species.

How to help

Effects Due To The Decreasing Numbers

If you take out a species like the Bobwhite quail it effects the entire ecosystem. Bigger animals that pray on the quail would have a major problem if there food source was going away. It is very important that we proct this species so that all wildlife can benefit. Some ways that you can help is making sure that controlled fires protect the quail habitats. Quail a need more government protected land to thrive. If you want to help contact your wildlife state quail coordinator. There are many ways to save these quail and it is important to start sooner than later.


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