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November 18, 2628

Aliens, Are They To Be Trusted in The Surreptitious Masquerade?

The people had voted last week on the question, should aliens be allowed in our society? There have been varying views."I don't think that we should have to keep all aliens out, especially if not all of them are here to get us." Ashley Arnold states. On another hand Sienna Hemmings says, "They should not be allowed into our settlement, they are here to kill, all of them." In two weeks the first alien will be allowed into the settlement. It will be the first time an alien has stepped foot into Surreptitious Masquerade. Some have even started boarding up their houses and preparing for the worst. Others have made welcome posters and creating makeshift shelter. We will have exclusive coverage the day of.

Anniversary of The Alienator

In two days it will be the anniversary of the Alienator, that has kept The Surreptitious Masquerade safe and allowed us to venture out of settlement borders. On this day there will be a speech on Wentz Street to commemorate the work of Jenna Clifford not only for the Alienator, but for the establishment of The Surreptitious Masquerade.
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Pop Culture

One trend sweeping Surreptitious Masquerade this week are green leather shoes. Yes, you heard right, leather shoes that are bright lime green. Another trend that has swept through the aliens has made its way into the Surreptitious Masquerade. Some parents are completely dumbfounded why this could become such a phenomenon. No worries, this trend will soon be forgotten and a cringe worthy memory.