Gregor Mendel

Founder of Physics

Description of Mendel

Mendel is a very smart and talented person. Mendel is also a physics person who tries every obstacle he can do.

Early Years

He had some success and some struggles.


He was recognized as a gifted child.

He made good relationships with his teachers.


He couldn't pass hard exams.

He needed money for his education.

Experimental Design

Mendel began his study of genetics. He also learned how to make hybrid plants. He needed to use a simpler example that would allow him to grow trees and not wait years for them to grow so big.


When yellow and green plants cross they still make yellow peas. The Dominant will show more then the recessive because it will overpower another gene. Green, long, round is more dominant then recessive, angular, yellow.


The scientists didn't really react they just tested his experiments and see if they were good or not.


The scientists did the experiments that were shown. They did the experiments to see if they were accurate or good or to be true to see if they worked.


Dominant- Gene that will overpower another gene.

Recessive- Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene.

Co-dominant- gene that is neither dominant or recessive.