Kip C7800 Color System

Large Format Toner Printer

Large Format Toner Printer

Printer technology can be classified by their employ with many techniques available as trade products. Print technology has a special impact on the cost of the printer speed, noise and cost of operation. Cheques can be printed with liquid ink. Toner-based printer is uses an array of LED instead of a Laser to cause toner attachment to the print drum. When judging the performance of a large format printer you tend to look at the printer speed listed in the technical specifications. More copies can be produced and reproduced especially with its fast spooling feature for multiple copies. For a high production color print system, buyers need to choose enough quality.

A large format printer also requires tabloid size paper and is usually able to print photos that are even larger than 13 inches by 19 inches. There are however very high quality models that are capable of printing gallery quality prints for which the printer manufacturers provide the best quality and most suitable paper to use with the printer. Printing technology used in these printers can change according to their brands but most use inkjet or laser printer technology with the printer paper used depending on the job that needs done.


Kip C7800

The KIP C7800 saves serious time and money – making ultra high quality wide format printing more cost effective than ever before. Printing is faster. Operation is simpler.