What is it?


A process that helps make salt water into fresh water. In other words it takes out the dissolved mineral/salts out of the water. Desalination is a very important part of our water cycle. Desalination started in the 1900's but took a major step in the 1940's

Materials, Money, Time

You don't need many materials to go over the process of desalination but here are some:

- Desalination plants

- Oilfield brine pumps

- Salt water

COST : it definitely costs a lot to make the desalination plant however it only costs $3.06 per 1000 gallons of desalination water.

TIME : it takes 2 kilowatt hours to produce 1 cubic meter of fresh water


Pros and cons

- It is good for us because it is much healthier for us to drink fresh water we may get sick otherwise.

- fresh water delivers health benefits people need

- desalination plants are good for the environment

- there is massive amounts of oceans and salt water that we can use for fresh water

- the desalination plant is very expensive

- the leftover salt creates something called brine which is very bad for the enviroment

- brine is also dangerous to wildlife


There are about 15000 plants that produce desalinated water

Desalination plants operate in more than 100 countries

It takes 2 gallons {8 litres} to make one gallon which is 4 litres of fresh water

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