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April 2018

Dear Readers-

Here's what happened in the wonderful world of the Learning Commons in April.

Cardboard Carnival, 3D Printing, National Poetry Month, Earth Day Breakout EDU, CyberSafety, and National Library Month!

Happy reading!

Thank you,

Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Clerkin

Cardboard Carnival

This year, with the move of 5th grade to the jr. high, the Cardboard Carnival is now the responsibility of the 4th grade and boy are they ever excited!

The Cardboard Carnival was inspired by a 9-year-old boy named Caine Monroy, who spent his summer vacation building an arcade from cardboard at his father's used car parts shop in Los Angeles. It became a global sensation after a filmmaker, who stopped by, made a short video about the arcade. The video has more than 5 million views on YouTube!

We showed the film to 4th-grade students the first week in April to get them to start thinking about what they might like to build. The games will be made almost exclusively from cardboard and other recyclable materials.

We can't wait to see what they invent!

Big picture

Bubble Wand 3D Printing

We introduced our 2nd-grade students to 3D printing by showing them a short introductory video. They watched in amazement at what a 3D printer can do. From there, students were introduced to Morphi (a 3D design app) to understand the basics of 3D design. After a few weeks of exploring Morphi, students were given the challenge of designing a 3D model bubble wand. Before they began working on their design, they had to sketch their design, make sure it was the correct size and thickness.

Let the printing begin!

Look for photos and videos in our next newsletter of students testing their bubble wands!

Does learning to 3D print matter?

We think so! Read the graphic below.
Big picture

Calling All Library Books!

Don't forget all library books were due back on May 4th. Please look for any missing books in all of those hiding places (under beds, in closets, on bookshelves, under the couch, etc.) and help us get all books back on the shelves before summer!


About Us

Our goals are to:

  • Get students excited about the library space and learning.
  • Give students opportunities to work on engaging tasks.
  • Provide spaces to work collaboratively, think critically and creatively.

Also, to transition to a place where students DO stuff, not simply a place where students GET stuff.