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Becoming an Organized Student

Hello 6th Grade!

How can you forget this? Let's see if you can remember some of the tips these middle school students gave you.

The Learning Target: I can recognize the problem areas in my organization and I can chose and use a new strategy to improve my skills.

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Ask an adult or older sibling to help. Here are some ways they can help:


Install a whiteboard or bulletin board in your kitchen. Or hang a large calendar on the refrigerator, where everyone will see it. On this board, you and your family can put reminders for each other about things they need, rides they need, and due dates. Or set the alerts on your google calendar, your smart phone or iPod to go of to remind you of projects, practice, and due dates.


Tell your parents/guardians or an adult in the house in advance if you'll need their help. They are most certainly busier then you are. It will be easier for them to be flexible with their time if they know ahead of time what you need.


The helping adult in your house might not have time to read over your homework word for word, but they can look over it to make sure it is complete and that is is of quality.


Talk to the adult that is helping you about your goals. They will want you to succeed at what you do. But they also probably have some goals in mind for you as well. Discussing these things openly is a good way to find out how they can help you achieve your goals.


While adults or older siblings can provide helpful reminders, many kids feel hassled. Talk to the person helping you about the level of involvement you want them to have to have in your study habits. However, you need to make sure you can keep your promises or else they will feel they aren't doing enough.

Where else can you find more info?

Try Mrs. Jacques website and join her Google Classroom called the School Counselor's Corner.