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Teacher Evaluation Update

We are still meeting with the WEA representatives about the new teacher evaluation system. We are progressing along, and I have met with our Social Workers, Speech & Language Pathologists, Psychologists and LRC Directors to ask them what Danielson "anchor components" (those components that align with FOCUS), would work best for them as a professional community. I want to thank them personally for their input!

For self-contained teachers, those anchor components have already been established by the Consortium for Educational Change, Charlotte Danielson, and our Committee. They are:

1.e Designing Coherent Instruction

2.a Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

2.b Establishing a Culture for Learning

3.c Engaging Students in Learning

3.d Using Assessment in Instruction

4.d Participating in a Professional Learning Community

Danielson designates "3.c Engaging Students in Learning" as the heart of the entire Framework. Again, we have not yet addressed the Student Growth Component yet, but we will get there.

Finally, I want to thank the following members for their work on the Evaluation Committee:

Inez Berman, Speech and Language Pathologist, Sipley Elementary School

Marcia Clark, Music Teacher, Goodrich Elementary School

Molly Conway, LBS1 Teacher, Jefferson Junior High School

Regina Leeberg, Principal Meadowview School

Rachel Manjarres, Instructional Resource Specialist

Katie Matthews, Principal Willow Creek

Renee Mindy, LBS1 Teacher, Jefferson Junior High School

Marcia Pyburn, Fifth Grade Teacher, Sipley Elementary School

Dr. William Schmidt, Principal Jefferson Junior High School

Greg Wolcott, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

If you would like more information on Danielson's Framework, please visit the link below. We do encourage you to start looking at this information, especially if you are unfamiliar with it.

Does Anyone Remember "Records Day"?

I knew that would get your attention! No, we are not bringing back Records Day, but the Calendar Committee will be getting together in December to start reviewing the 2015-2016 School Calendar. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me and we will take that input to the Committee.

One thing I have learned about putting together a school calendar, no matter what you do, you tick off about 50% of your constituency. So if you give us a suggestion and it doesn't make it into the school calendar...well, you know what percentage you fall in...but don't despair, someone else is real excited because their suggestion did make it in...By the way next year is leap year.

A hot topic we will cover this year are election days...will we close next year or not? Stay tuned...