DISD Tuesday Tech Talk

January 12, 2016

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Check Your Downloads


Another place to look for files that may have been on your U: drive, is to check in your Downloads file. By clicking Ctrl + J, your downloads will pop right up!

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Shout Out!!

Charlotte Morris - Even Start - Using Google Forms for recording district volunteer hours for the City of Diboll! Way to go, Charlotte!!

Sally Macher - High School - Check out Sally's High School Library Blog! www.dibollhslibrary.wordpress.com

Lisa Heath - Junior High - Mrs. Heath's students are using QR codes and their Chromebooks! "Using QR codes in my 7th grade reading class to introduce the Holocaust as a jigsaw activity. Students are directed to several sites that allow them to research, see images, and watch videos. Findings will then be presented to the class in groups." (See Photos Above!)

Tina Terrell - Junior High - Mrs. Terrell has FLIPPED.....her classroom!! (See her info below!!)

Welcome to Mrs. Terrell's Flipped Classroom

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Students will have a checklist each week to have completed by Friday. The checklist can include the following:

  • educational videos

  • discussion questions

  • online practice games

  • educational websites (Study Island, No Red Ink, Learn Zillion, etc.)

  • essay writing (Google Drive, My Access, or handwritten) at least 1 per week

  • journal topics

  • STAAR practices

  • Skyward Quizzes

  • Workbook pages/worksheets

  • Table Time with Mrs. Terrell (weekly visit to review or reteach a concept)

Genius Time

I, along with the students, are excited to be able to explore something that they are interested in. Students are able to pick a topic that THEY are interested in and do research to find out more. Students will log what they have done during genius time, and eventually, we will create a presentation for others to see on our topic.
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Thursday Trainings!

We had so much fun last week at our very first Thursday Tech Training at the Tech Building! (See below) Our first session was on Google Forms. The groups are very small and the sessions are only 45 minutes! We will continue these through May. Be on the lookout for February session sign ups. We would LOVE to have you join us!
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Shout Out for Google Forms!!

We had a Thursday Training Session last week (Google Forms) at the tech building and, as you know, I asked for examples on how YOU might be using Google Forms in the classroom. The response was fantastic! Here are just a FEW ways that your colleagues are using Google Forms! Shout out to....

Christie Stephens (Elementary) uses Forms to gather information from teachers for RTI, SPED, and other student meetings.

Rachel Bowker (Primary) used them to vote on activities that were going on at their campus. i.e., Christmas Party

Lostra Burrow (Elementary) uses them for gathering information for scanned DMAC tests. She said the spreadsheet is great because she can share it with Mrs. Dover and the Interventionists.

Deanna Willmann (Junior High) said she used them when "flipping" her classroom.

Michelle Weaver (Junior High) said she uses Forms for almost all of her quizzes and some daily assignments. Her words were, "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them because I do not have to grade them thanks to (the add-on) Flubaroo!"

Jennifer Garcia (High School) Creating menu/food orders, signups for projects/jobs, signups for pot luck lunches, detention/FNL log for staff use, parents contact sheets/logs, grade sheets/reports, and databases for schools they compete with are just a FEW of the ways that Google Forms are used in her classroom!

Julie Smith (Intermediate) - Julie used them for the campus to vote on the yearbook cover, for volunteers to choose an AR and AM Reward Night, and for the faculty's Happy Hour requests....Sonic Happy Hour! : )

Gina Souto (Intermediate) says, "I use this to gather morning announcements.http://goo.gl/forms/c2C95Ubv7V"

Connie Minshew (High School) uses them for address lists, PLAAFP statements she shares with her diagnostician and testing lists.

Todd Foley (High School) uses them for major exams in his history classes!

Meredith Walker (Elementary) - Meredith says, "I use Google for Techno Grants, Schedule, How Students Go Home, Sub Notes, Student Roster, Behavior Note, Newsletter...."

Diana Moore (Primary) - Mrs. Moore says, "Everything is done on Google forms

From schedules to lesson plans shared photos for pictures, parent contact logs, all parent notes, data spreadsheets, response forms to reach consensus when we have to make decisions in between staff meetings, master schedules, class schedules, student worksheets, template for learning center activities, sight words, etc., etc.....Again everything."

Kaleena Mayo (Elementary) - Kaleena says, "I used Google forms as team leader to organize birthdays/favorites for the grade level. I created one for the parents to get to know my students at the beginning of the year...I want to use them in the classroom to survey favorite books or book discussions..."

Ashlei Rios (Junior High) - Ashlei says, "I just used Google forms today while I was out sick. My students viewed a slideshow and completed fill in the blank notes, then used their notes to answer questions in the form. This way I could ensure they were completing all tasks assigned and view the live form while I was at home and at the doc." She sent me one of the exams/quizzes she created in Google Forms along with the students' responses. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

Sally Macher (High School) - Sally says, "I use Google Forms for book requests from students. I plan on using one to send an evaluation for prospective National Honor Society students."

Google Forms a teacher/student connection
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Thanks, Julie Smith, for sharing this with us!! Check it out: http://www.wolframalpha.com/ You can even see what airplanes/airlines are flying directly over Diboll at any given time!!
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