News from 2s

The Home/School Partnership with Mr. Weaver's Class

What a Month!

This is our first Newsletter using my new Smore account. Doesn't this look great? If this works out well for us--I will continue to use it!

Wow--October was a wonderful month of learning at Darby Creek. The energy is positive and the children are growing. As we enter November, please know I am thankful to have your child in this class. Thank you, families.

What's Going on In Math?

We continue to play focused math games involving the following: time, coins, place value, facts. As I have shared in the past, we have daily Number Talks which involve mental math and communicating our math thinking. Problem Solving continues. All students have been using the Moby Max Math website, and all were asked to log in at home as a homework assignment recently. Just this week, all students have been trained to log in on a new site: ST Math. This online resource includes visual/spatial thinking, logic and math in one. I like what I see of ST Math. The children love this resource.

Reading Writing Workshop

All children have published their first personal narrative story! What an important day this was. And I'm pleased to report that all children have shown growth in writing, when compared to our week one writing samples! Our reading group work has also resulted in growth. Shifting and updating of our reading groups are now in progress to reflect the growth of our 2nd grade readers. Please keep up the nightly at-home reading regimen--this is so important! Moby Max has a reading section and all students can log in by typing our school name. Username: First name and last name initial like this: Barry W. Password: Their lunch number.

Young Scientists Gain Knowledge of the Atmosphere!

Our Young Scientists are encouraged to ask questions, seek answers, and think creatively. They love learning and using new words. This was so apparent in their learning the layers of the atmosphere: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exopshere. They have also created their own "wind catching device," an anemometer. We will focus on the weather which occurs in . . . Hmmmm . . . what atmospheric layer? Ask your Young Scientist--you will surely get an answer!
Great Big Words Song

Students are expected to learn and use content-specific words in science, the arts--all subjects. Sometimes, the words are big. Here's a song for that!

Signup Genius for PT Conferences--click here!

PT Conferences are this week and next. There are still slots available. Would love to get your insights on your child's experiences thus far as well as share progress.

Book Fair is this week!

Students will visit to make wish lists Tuesday or Thursday and may come back to make their purchases during the day on Thursday.

Book Fair Hours on Thursday

· 8:00am-8:50am for parents

· 8:50am-3:15pm for students to shop with their class

· 3:15pm-8:00pm for the entire family to shop during

parent/teacher conferences

Checks can be made payable to Darby Creek PTO, and we also accept cash and credit cards.

If you can't make it to the book fair, you can always shop online. Purchases can be made on February 12th and 13th only. Purchased books will be shipped to the school for free! The link to purchase is: